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A Welcoming message from our Leader!


People need to realise that a change of leader and cabinet members does not change the ideology of mainstream political parties.  It does not change those corporate funders / lobbyists of the parties.  A two party system does not change the fact that the same type of funders / lobbyists donate to them – there is a strong argument that what we have is a one party system masquerading as a two party one.  It does not change that they operate in the best interests of their wealthy lobbyist friends and use media (and education) and our feelings / emotions against us to persuade us that the decisions they are making are for the best interests of everyone in society (e.g. to protect us, for diversity and integration, for equality, etc.).  There is, however, so much evidence that points to the decisions financially benefiting those who lobby government substantially more than it does everyone else in society, which has led to degradation in Quality of Life and increases in all negative aspects of life for the vast majority of people in society. 

The question is: How far do mainstream parties have to go before people in society say NO MORE?  People have suffered numerous bank bailouts and subsequent recessions, illegal wars and subsequent retaliations, and forced immigration which has had a detrimental impact on public services, salaries and our Quality of Life.  Will the UN backed’Roadmap on Vaccinations’ project (commonly known as the CoVid-19 crisis) and the planned authoritarian changes to society, and subsequent loss of lives, removal of freedoms, reduced quality of life, etc. make people say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, NO MORE?

To reverse the negative trends seen in British society today, people need to choose more wisely and against what media is informing you (support with your head and not with popularity driven by repeated media messages) – people need to turn away from mainstream parties.  It is the only way to prevent a disaster.  Our party offers a drastic change in power balance, law and education, plus much more to bring freedom and a good quality of life back for everyone.


Our society is in serious trouble and most of the problems are being driven from the top-down.  Below you will find a very brief summary of some of our our plans to reverse the negative trends seen in British society today. The points cover all important areas including: democracy, law, education, immigration, health, economy and media (more details found in our manifesto).

Changes to Government

Far too much power has transferred into too few hands with respect to government. Our plan would balance the power between government and British Citizens; and remove any signs of PC culture and other dangerous ideologies which spread division into society.

Democracy been severely damaged due to ‘cash for favours’ schemes being allowed by mainstream parties. As a result, the lobbying act will be revoked to ensure separation of big money and government to bring strength back to democracy and direct government responsibility back to working for the benefit of the majority and not the few.

The CoVid-19 crisis has shown how easy it is for a few elected officials in government to make legislations without justification, manufacture a state of emergency and how little the public can do about it. Our plan is to divert power from central government back to the public. There needs to be public oversight in government actions and independents are needed to ensure politician’s decisions are for the best interests of the majority and that their actions have not been compromised in any way due to their relationships with private interests.

The unwritten constitution of the UK has enabled governments to push through political agendas and corporate business goals at the expense of freedom, privacy and inalienable human rights of individuals in society for far too long. The UN back project ‘Roadmap On Vaccinations’, which all UN member states signed up-to without public debate, (formally known as the CoVid-19 crisis) shows how easy it is for government(s) to pursue corporate interests using unjustifiable scaremongering at the expense of societal health. We will formally produce a written constitution with full engagement of all in society, which will be the ultimate legal document to protect individuals from government and corporate business interests; and will declare the rights of individuals in society which cannot be removed by those in power. The specifics of which will be educated in detail as part of the education strategy. Never again should people be under house arrest without scientific backing to justify such actions, punished for expressing freedom or be threatened with potentially dangerous mandatory procedures due to assisting corporate businesses gaining profits and governments gaining more power at the expense of people’s health and freedom. All other legislations will be secondary to the written constitution of the UK and will not overrule it.

We will put a system in place to enable the public to call a ‘vote of no confidence’ so those in government cannot continue on a path without stringent oversight including a facility for possible (temporary) leadership replacements pending independent investigations. No longer parties / politicians voted into government can do so with impunity for the duration of the term if they are underperforming or found to be working against the interests of the majority and/or in contradiction to their manifesto promises; and no longer will government be able to investigate it’s own actions.  The conditions which cabinet members took control during the manufactured crisis of the 2nd Iraq War and more recently the manufactured crisis of CoVid-19, which caused and will cause substantial loss of lives and suffering, cannot be permitted to occur again.  Never again should the British public be manipulated and ordered to follow potentially hazardous instructions using media scaremongering, propaganda, fake news, fake science and known flawed tests; and never again should anyone be in a position were the real cause of death of loved ones is unknown due to government intervention in hospital processes. We will initiate independent investigations into the actions of key cabinet members during this crisis to ensure their decision making was not compromised due to business interests or international project aims. If the outcome finds wrongdoing, then criminal investigations of cabinet members along with international institutions will occur to bring confidence back in government and the law.

The growth of no-go-zones, sharia courts, and calls for sharia law is deeply concerning as is the rise of crime relating to migrant cultures. These issues plaguing society are not mentioned in the media, mainstream politicians are quiet and police reports are now absent of characteristics of perpetrators unless you happen to be of European descent. Politics and political agendas have taken over at the detriment of societal health. We will ensure no other religious laws are allowed into legislations governing Britain and all separate governing and law systems are removed for our shores – millions of people sacrificed their lives for Britain and we now need to honour their sacrifice by resisting globalist agendas.

Due to the growing violence and crime in London linked to migrant cultures, we will organise investigations into the actions of Sadiq Khan and the MET during his term in office to ensure no favouritism has been used for certain groups of people.

Changes to the Law

Changes to law made by mainstream political parties over several decades has made it so overcomplicated that the regular person is completely out of their depth and unable to defend their rights without expensive legal representation; it also shift power firmly into authorities hands rather than being in the public interest. Not only this, it has created an epidemic of legal professionals financially benefiting from misery of others, selfishness, greed and the start of using the law for revenge on others. Political bias and ideology has also become very much part of the law which is causing deeper separation and division in society; and has led to drastic reduction in freedoms and the meaning of democracy. This is having a detrimental impact on societal cohesion and health. Our plan is to drastically reduce legislations and make the law less complicated concurrently with ensuring the law is taught throughout various levels in education. We plan to ban ‘where there is blame, there is a claim’ culture and ensure all biases in law based on sex, race, religion is removed. Our plan is to make the law work for everyone, to be fair and ensure it cannot be used and abused for self-gain. Moreover, we will ban any law relating to hate crimes, control of speech and remove special protections and privileges for certain groups of people to help drive a cohesive society.

We will create a new British Human rights Act which will be applicable for innocent people and victims and will not be used to protect the guilty or those seeking to take advantage of our liberal attitudes for their own self-interest. Moreover, the public reliance on expensive legal representation, especially in the area of tort law, will reduce significantly leading to more confidence in law, more individuals standing up for personal rights and more approachable policing in the country.


All British citizens have a right to protect and defend themselves and these rights have over the years been eroded in favour of human rights of the guilty and more power given to government – all driven by lawyers who have their own financial self interests at hand. Legislations governing criminal activity shall be amended to ensure people have the right to defend themselves and their property using sufficient force without worrying about being prosecuted by the law. The police nor the courts will no longer criminalise people who choose to defend themselves or their property.

Over the years there is a very concerning pattern of the strength of freedom being damaged by the actions of and authority given to police powers under the guide of protection, safety and keeping the peace. So much so, instead of the police representing and defending the public, the police are now seen as an authoritarian force in society that on occasion spreads fear and intimidation by abusing certain legislations. The action of the police in the manufactured crisis of CoVid-19 shows the extent of how police abuse their powers to instil control and fear into a free society. Our plan would be to constrain police powers and remove their ability to use certain sections of law to intimidate groups or individuals for the express purpose of gaining a reaction from their victim(s) so they can charge them with a greater crime, i.e. current abuse of the public order act and terrorism act. All police KPIs will be re-evaluated so that prevention of major crimes are prioritized over the majority of lesser crimes. The police force shall once again work for the public not for the few in government and their lobbyists; moreover, ethics and morales in policing will return to a high standard and harassment of the public shall cease.

The post of police commissioner will be removed to ensure greater separation between politicians and the police. The police must be able to do their jobs without politics and political agendas being involved. Politicians and ‘honourable?’ members in government must be treated like any other member of the public so they can be investigated for any potential wrongdoing or illegal activity.


Our NHS is one of Britain’s greatest achievements and must be protected from being privatised and overloaded by top-heavy management – front-line services will take priority over management personnel.

New legislations will be created to ensure future governments cannot interfere in operational processes again, even in state of emergencies. This is to prevent political agendas being more important than correct hospital procedures to ensure accurate data is gathered to improve treatment programmes – the CoVid-19 inflated death reports by bypassing correct procedures must never be repeated again.

Job protection for our doctors and nurses will be a priority, especially protection for whistle-blowers who have paid a heavy price for coming forward to inform the public of the truth during the CoVid crisis.

Salary for front-line staff must be investigated and improved; and reduction in paperwork be instigated.

Those patients who require interpreters will be charged for the service and all NHS workers must be able to speak a very good level of English.

Health Tourism will come to an end; correct documentation and evidence must be available before any treatment is given with exemptions given to live-or-death situations.

Those who frequently use A&E unnecessarily will begin to be charged for time wasted.

NHS professionals will be involved in health education in schools, colleges and universities in an attempt to solve outstanding health issues which leads to long-term suffering and early death.


Due to poor education standards and political interference, a significant number of people in society have become so easily manipulated and led by repeated psychological messages presented through media and political outlets. It is leading to increased division in society including voting on popularity not suitability; all due to beliefs in propaganda over previous performance, science, evidence, and data – democracy, free-thinking and freedom have been severely damaged. Some lack the will to reflect on questionable news reports, legislations and advice. Our changes to the education system will ensure all have the capability and capacity to question ‘the narrative’ being presented through media and political outlets (i.e. CoVid-19) to prevent society being damaged further due to political agendas or business interests. Our education changes will concentrate on mentally hardening children and adults and increasing critical thinking skills.

Education of our children is not for sale, nor is it to be used to indoctrinate children into various PC ideologies including gender identity – let children be children. The curriculum will focus on a shared education experience between theoretical learning and practical skills acquisition; this will also form the basis of new grading system based on creative learning strategies. There will be special concentration in teaching British values, culture and history all of which has been diluted to match left-wing political ideologies over the years.

As Britain is now a diverse country, other cultures and religions will be taught at all levels of learning; however, unlike current systems, there will be no ‘cherry-picking’ of materials that give children a false sense of reality. It is time to teach the truth, not a version of the truth that is causing so much confusion in society today. There will be no sex education taught until near puberty (we must resist UN plans to over-sexualise our children starting from the age of 4); however, barriers and wrong behaviour will be taught along with how important family, self-respect is and working to improve who they are rather than what they look like.

There will be important additions within the curriculum to teach the new generation things that have purposely been absent for the last 40years to ensure mainstream parties, banks and corporate businesses can take advantage of missing and mis-educated areas. These include: Importance of science, data and evidence in decision making; political social engineering; how banks works; mental health; family health (including responsible family planning); how empires and cultures fall; agriculture; consumerism; environmental health and others will be an integral part of the education system. This will help ensure balance of power will be maintained between people and government; concurrently, to ensure that power and influence of banks and corporate businesses are controlled by people.


Government, some parents and social services are failing our children. We have concentrated too much on wording of protection documents along with completing the safeguarding forms, secrecy regarding grooming gangs (to stop race bating), for mistaking discipline for abuse and abandoning children to technology; that it is having devastating consequences to the mental health of our children.

Our plan is to use common sense, a new family health education strategy, technology controls and severe punishments / deportation (if relevant) for those found to be abusing children. The current safeguarding forms are a distraction for nursery workers, teachers, social workers and parents from fulfilling their responsibilities. We will put policies in place to revert power and protections back to adults, carers and parents at the same time as keeping government agencies out of private lives as much as possible (i.e. let parents, teachers, carers and social workers do their jobs and the right thing for the children in their care). There will have to be temporary controls in place to ensure parents and carers are not abandoning children to technology and the increasing threat of online grooming and radicalisation.

The care of children, and for the elderly, will be taken out of private contractors control. Our society has been damaged considerably by allowing private care owners to profit from those who need our supported. We must, as a nation, separate the needs of the economy from the our responsibility to those who need our support. Removing private business interests from care duties and installing the correct systems and management will provide better quality care and value for money.

Other changes would be to promote fathers as being an essential part of children’s lives as many lives have taken a negative turn due to absence of father figures – this trend must reverse.


The economy has been governed for the benefit of the few wealthy for too long. Our plans will shift focus to how the majority will benefit from government changes to how the economy is managed. The health of the economy must be related to the health of society. We intend to manage the economy to give people a much better quality of life and this means that businesses need to play a vital role in this change. No longer will business owners and senior management be the only ones to ‘reap the rewards’ of hard working people on low wages. We will work with business owners to ensure those who work hard full-time or part-time have a greater stake in the success of the business. Moreover, we will ensure that working life does not interfere with having a strong family life; automation will be utilised to ensure the correct balance between work and family without lower pay in real terms.

Mainstream party Governments have shown they do not to want to control the damage caused by the banking system. However, we will alter the banking charter and rules to tighten up fraudulent activity to ensure the majority does not pay the price for greed and irresponsible decision making of those who do not feel the outcome of recessions caused by banking practices.


The British people have been let down by successive governments and their false promises of controlling immigration. The UK is one of the most densely populated countries in the westernised world and has led to mainstream parties taking advantage of divisive politics to divide the country in many aspects of life. They have tried using education and media to indoctrinate people into the benefits of immigration but have left out the negative impacts it has had on society. So much so that this current generation has a lower quality of life than our grandparents and the situation is only getting worse. There are certain migrant cultures who are blissfully ignorant about population numbers and are intent, mainly due to religious and cultural reasons, to have as many children as they can. This is straining our resources, finances and public services and is impacting everyone in all forms of life. The majority are now suffering the impacts of mass immigration and our plan would be to relate population numbers to resource availability and skills needed. The impacts of our changes to education will mean that in a short period of time our country will have no need for imported skills, thus, resource availability whilst maintaining a high quality of life will be the driving factors.

Our borders will remain closed until resource availability falls below a predetermined value and anyone found here illegally or entering via boats will be immediately deported. Those from migrant backgrounds who are living here illegally or who have committed a lesser crime will be asked to leave voluntarily or deported to their country of birth. Those who are here will be educated about British culture and responsible family planning; furthermore, free public services will be limited to two children; benefits and housing will also be constrained to assist in integration into a responsible British culture. There will be no housing of migrants (or temporary accommodation in 4*hotels) until homelessness and long-term societal issues involving poverty, mental health and reduced quality of life is resolved in all areas of the country.


The BBC has proven itself to work against the interests of the public and is politically motivated to produce bias content. It’s actions with the manufactured crisis of CoVid-19 cannot be forgiven. The TV licence will be permanently abolished for everyone.

New powers will be given to independent media watchdogs to ensure content on broadcast mediums is unbiased and not motivated by business or political interests, the public will have more oversight in ensuring unbiased content.

Social media companies operating within our shores will have to agree to a zero ban policy to protect free speech. Those companies who are found to be removing posts or banning people from their platform will face fines or be banned from operating their product on our shores. We will promote other smaller tech companies to create their own platforms to compete with tech giants in this area.

See our manifesto for further details on these and other areas including: further education, border control, demographics of Britain, welfare, international relationships, tax reforms, banking controls, homelessness, protection of nature, technology safeguards, housing, social funding, social care, crime, and working toward a cohesive British Culture, and much more.

Come join us, represent us, let us all make Britain great once again!

It is now more important than ever to protect our freedom, privacy and our self-determination. The British Liberal Provident party's draft 'BRITISH CONSTITUTION' will ensure power remains with the majority not with the few in government.

Click the Image below for the full constitution and why is is more important than ever to remove the power from central Government.

Help us promote freedom and democracy

We, and entire society, have an uphill battle to change Britain for the better.  We are against not only well established political parties who spend £Millions every year on PR companies to pursuade the public to vote for them, but also against international organisations whose quest to maintain power involves keeping control of national governments in any way possible.  For our party to grow and bring the true meaning of freedom, privacy and democracy back to our shores we need all the help people can give.  Below are the latest publicity materials to promote the party to all of Britain.  These should be used with the key points in our manifesto.  It is upto all of us to fight for our future, especially now that our main political parties have shown where their allegiances lie by promoting the manufactured crisis of CoVid-19 and bringing society to forced subission due to fear and scaremongering.  (Select images for PDF view)


Previous leaflets spefically for warning people about wearing face-masks (muzzles) and social distancing not being supported by science.  If you wish to help spread the message, feel free to use these and help others to fight against our national governments political agendas regarding reduction of freedoms.

Information Regarding CoVid-19 Manufactured Crisis.






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Our manifesto sets out the fundamental drive behind the British Liberal Provident Party’s aims and objectives.

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Dunsop Bridge - A little village in the ribble valley - also the centre of the united kingdom.

Our areas of natural beauty are disappearing faster than at any other time in history and being replaced by housing estates and industrial units. One of our policies is to ensure through education, immigration and protection of nature strategies, these areas will be maintained and protected for future generations. We will work with the people of Britain to be more responsible for our population numbers.