2020 – A retrospective Look at Something Bigger

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2020 - The Start Of Something Bigger Than a Virus

2020 was a year people who have been labelled as ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been expecting for sometime – total and complete societal disruption. It was a year when government and media informed us about a new type of coronavirus that is far more deadly, far more infectious, than any we have faced before – ‘SARS-COV-2’ or ‘CoVid-19’. It was a year, which caught many off guard, was unexpected and for most terrifying; and if you suffered from some form of hypochondriasis (~<50% of population suffer from), you lived in fear every single day.

It was a year of school closures, business closures, furlough payments and mass unemployment, where 10’s-of-millions of perfectly healthy people in the UK and 100’s-of-millions of perfectly healthy people in other UN member countries were quarantined in the homes for their and other peoples safety and only permitted to go outside for food or exercise, despite decades of scientific research advising contrary. However, the infrastructure for 5G technology continued to be installed throughout what is presented as ‘one of the worlds deadliest pandemics’; and even though CoVid-19 was removed from the High Infectious Decease list in March (See ‘Making Sense of CoVid-19’) a few days before UK Government ordered ‘national lockdown’ to match most other UN member countries.

In March, many people were glued to the television sets watching the drama unfold, hearing people in European countries were being left to die in what was essentially outbuildings because hospitals were overwhelmed and treatments were having little to no impact; when we were all told the virus was having a devastating impacts on people’s health and everyone at all ages was in danger of dying. It was at this time we were all told the NHS was overwhelmed, short of beds, equipment, PPE and ventilators; and when media informed us of retired medical practitioners and volunteers being asked to help with an ‘alleged’ overwhelmed service; and when government spent £millions on Nightingales Hospitals. So, what data did government have to justify these decisions, see Figure1.

Figure 1 – Admission Types and Numbers

As can be seen in Figure 1, which describes admission types and numbers, from Janurary2020 patient numbers began to decline from seasonal normals, which was unusual for the time of the year. This trend continued through February. At the time when government and media informed the public via press conferences that the NHS was ‘overwhelmed’ and we all had to protect it from collapsing due to the sheer number of patients, a national lockdown was required’, patient numbers was still declining – remember government have access to live patient number data. In April 2020, which saw the promotion of Nightingale Hospitals to take care of patients from an overstretched, overwhelmed NHS right at the heart of the pandemic, when government created slogans about protecting / saving the NHS, when people stood outside their house weekly to clap for the NHS, and when hours and hours of daily CoVid-19 broadcasts appeared on our TV screens, the NHS saw a record low admissions in all types. NHS patient numbers did reach a peak, but, a low peak in admission numbers during ‘one of the worlds most deadliest pandemics’ – (this is not to say a ‘very’ few hospitals were not overwhelmed but any issues was clearly caused by human choices). It also has to be noted the average occupancy rate of all beds during the Q1 of 2020 was 64.4% compared to 88% the same period in 2019; and with 10,170 less beds available compared to same period in 2019. It was also in April 2020, many well rehearsed dance video memes of nurses, doctors and ambulance staff appeared; when people who visited hospitals realised they were quiet places to be, and also the time when during an ‘alleged’ medical emergency seeing a GP was increasingly difficult. The trend does not show the country was suffering from a deadly pandemic, but, describes patient numbers did declined considerably, which is more related to government instructing hospitals to cancel appointments, governments quarantining people in their homes, and closing the economy down for a few months – certainly not the trend you would expect from ‘one of the world’s deadliest’ pandemics. It was only in June 2020, when many more people returned to work and hospitals began to accept patients did patient numbers increase somewhere near seasonal normals. It would appear the reality informed by political press conferences and media at the time did not match and was contradictory, the exact opposite, to the ‘actual’ reality, regarding the NHS – Ministers presented complete fiction regarding the NHS.  Unfortunately, other UN member countries health services and the actions of their respective governments also followed similar strategies and patterns orchestrated by UK government– see ‘CoVid-19 – What Does the Data Say’ for further details. (Note: only 6 patients attended the Nightingale hospitals for media promotion).

Why did government(s) deceive, lie and scare the public about the status of the health care system and take considerable time to produce graphs and data regarding the health system, which were all complete fiction? In addition, why did government(s) consciously use these manually created fictional graphs to justify ‘Lock-downs’ of entire countries; and then continue to use the health care system as the reason for further restrictions in freedom (i.e. ‘Save the NHS’) when it clearly was in no danger of collapsing?

In March/April, people became obsessed with listening and obeying everything government and media told them to do in order to keep themselves and everyone else safe. From this point onwards, vital medical examinations and treatments were proposed and left people with death sentences, left people suffering with severe pain, suffering from severe mental health conditions which led to increased suicide rates. It was a year when people realised they are in the wrong type of relationship due to the ‘alleged’ increase in domestic abuse. <20 people in government took control of their respective countries and created legislation at will to keep people safe and secure under these emergency conditions caused by the virus, even though all government officials and MPs were available for some form of democracy to take place. At this point, government medical advisors attempted to be politicians and politicians attempted to be medical experts (virologists). When mathematical predictive algorithms (not using and completely ignoring actual data, science, or evidence), developed from academics (and medical advisors) who have continuously been disastrously wrong in the past, took priority and used to justify legislative law and, later in the year, student grades.

It was a time when police presence on the street began to return, not to catch criminals, but, to ensure people who were minding their own business not doing any harm were fined, beaten and punished because they were not following government orders. When people told on others to the police, and when businesses were forced to close by visits from the police (occasionally visits from armed police patrols): and this sort of behaviour was supported and promoted by the same politicians and medical advisors who took control of countries under the premise of this deadly virus.

It was a period when many people in care homes died alone, thinking their loved ones had forgotten about them. A year when care home management took ownership of their residence and when family members who even dared try and take their loved ones out of said care homes where hunted down by the police and charged. A period when all UN member government(s) instructed hospitals to transfer suspected CoVid patients into care homes consciously placing other residence in danger. It was at this point when government issued new directives to hospitals to bypass normal investigation procedures and ‘declare, to avoid delay, CoVid-19 on death certificates without confirmation of CoVid-19 presence’, thus, cause of death reports favoured CoVid-19; even being hit by a train and dying was reported as a CoVid death due to rules set forth by those who took control of countries. It was a year when various UN countries and states in the US were found to be adding to death statistics for financial gain.

Why did government(s) not want accurate causes of death investigations to determine the real impact of the CoVid-19 pandemic? Why did they choose to instruct hospitals bypass normal procedures and favour CoVid-19 on reports? Why were governments not interested in the truth about why people died? Why did they want CoVid-19 to appear on death certificates without confirmation of presence? Why did governments want to present inaccurate and incomplete information to the public that seemed to have the intention of spreading fear throughout society?

It was a time when the best and brightest, the experts, in virology and decease control were ignored and censored / banned on social media along with some grieving family members who questioned cause of death of their loved ones; when the only medical experts who appeared on media outlets were those government authorised or who could profit in some-way (and have) from this pandemic. When robustness and quality of data and collection of data became questionable, when counting the number of deaths caused by CoVid-19 became an impossible task for some countries and when reporting of CoVid-19 deaths became ‘involving CoVid-19’ for legal reasons – there are now more than two distinct data sets surrounding CoVid-19 deaths produced by the ONS. It was a time when Influenza(flu) and pneumonia seem to disappear completely for a short period of time when, ordinarily, deaths caused by them would produce similar trends / curves that CoVid-19 did in 2020 (Feb-Apr), and when usual deaths from sepsis, heart failure, cancer, diabetes, dementia, emphysema, other respiratory issues at that time of year reduced dramatically or disappeared completely. Shortly after April, some countries revisited the cause of death and found the people who died of alleged CoVid-19 had existing co-mobilities and only between 10-15% had any causality to the CoVid-19 virus (see ‘Making Sense of CoVid-19‘). Throughout the 1st ‘Lockdown’, government(s) allowed illegal immigration to enter, even provided transport to distribute the migrants to various areas of the country without so much as a test or quarantine; government even paid for their accommodation sometimes in 4* hotels – certainly not the actions you would expect in a deadly pandemic type situation. In essence, government quarantined millions of healthy people in their homes, yet, spread migrants, who could be infected with CoVid-19, throughout the country almost like government wanting to extend the survivability of the virus.

Up-to this point, the World Health Organisation (WHO) insisted face-masks will do more harm than good and there is no evidence they protect against respiratory infections. Sceptic began to file for freedom of information requests regarding the virus, and when governments accelerated ‘cancel culture’ even with experts on virology (See ‘Making Sense of Covid-19‘) that did not follow government narratives.

From April, people washed their hands far more regularly using anti-bacterial gel to protect them against a non-airborne virus(!?), stood at least 2 metres from members of their family, friends and strangers because anyone could have the virus which could infect them, place them in hospital or even kill them. It was a year when children had to play in their bubbles, were forced to wash their hands at least 6 times a day, and when parents allowed their children to be tested using PCR tests, which is not a diagnostic test, even though there is still zero evidence anywhere in the world that concludes children are remotely affected by it or infected others. It was a year when shops installed perspex transparent barriers, one way systems, and when people queued outside to protect them against anyone, healthy or otherwise from the non-airborne virus that likes to attach itself to surfaces. It was a year when face-masks became the much needed fashion accessory and when wanting to see your GP became as difficult as climbing Mount Everest.

Around April, Boris Johnson and other UN leaders talked about a health passport and regular yearly vaccines being the only way out of this crisis; was a direct result of CoVid-19 and showed no indication that governments had already pre-planned and signed their countries up-to a health passport years ago. All the talk centred around vaccines, that vaccines are the only way out of this mess and the only way to return to any sort of normal way of life; otherwise, restrictions in freedom would be the only way to keep people safe (or as the Nazi’s put it ‘Fur ihre sicherheit’ – ‘it is for your safety’ and the reasoning and righteous calling behind every tyrants actions). (Note: In the document ‘CoVid-19 What the Data Says’, the data clearly shows the pandemic was essentially over in April / May; there was no pandemic in Europe during summer.)

It was a time when mass PCR testing was rolled out throughout societies, which are promoted as CoVid tests, then later in the year coronavirus tests. When governments kept quiet as long as they could about the high number of false positives. When they ignored data from our and other countries health care systems regarding robustness of PCR, which specifically say: “A chance of a positive result means that you have antibodies from an infection with a virus from the same family of viruses (called coronaviruses), such as the one that causes the common cold – YES, PCR has an extremely high probability of producing a positive result due to the common cold. A time when government campaigns described some people infected with CoVid-19 may not show any symptoms, yet, can infect others (even though evidence globally show this to be untrue) and people without symptoms should get the test to make sure. So their advice was for perfectly healthy people to queue for a test with ‘possible’ infected people. Again, not something any medical expert would advice to reduce transmission of a virus in a ‘deadly’ pandemic situation. It was shortly after this that began a system when the number of positive cases from PCR tests, which was presented as the number of CoVid infections, determined the restrictions, continued scaremongering, business closures, and unemployment rates in various areas – A test, which is not a diagnostic test, that can turn positive for a number of different reasons, was used to ruin people’s livelihoods and keep fear alive during the warmer seasons.

Overnight, and without any new science, the WHO changed their guidance to match what other national governments legislated for, which strangely matched the ‘Lock-step’ scenario generated from the Vaccine Alliance (inc. Gates Foundation), The World Bank and others (see ‘Making Sense Of CoVid-19’ document). What exactly does the science regarding face-masks actually say, see figure2.

Figure2– Particle and Filter size


There is good reason why scientific experts have continually rejected the use of face-masks for protection against respiratory infections – they do not work. As can be seen, the filter in the most popular face-mask used by the public, the surgical type, filter particles greater than 100micrometers, that is 800 x maximum size of a CoVid-19 particle and over 20 x maximum size of a CoVid-19 particle in water droplets (DR) – in coughs or sneezes. The virus does not see the face-masks as a barrier. The fashion masks offer zero protection and the N95 filter is still too large to protect against any respiratory infection, including CoVid-19. It is scientifically and physically impossible for face-masks to protect the wearer and others from respiratory infections, such as CoVid-19, but decades of research conclude they will increase transmission rates. They do, however, capture bacteria in the filters and prevent CO2 from escaping and as a result wearers will breathe in more CO2, thus less oxygen due to lung capacity; and increase the risk of breathing in more bacteria, increasing the risk of pneumonia and respiratory infections. Wearing one frequently and for prolonged periods will and does weaken immune systems, increasing the risk of infection. But not only this, oxygen deprivation is extremely damaging to every organ of the body; the damage to the brain cannot be reversed and thus increases the risk of dementia type illnesses later in life and indeed increases the risk of developing cancer. Governments and their medical advisors are aware of these real facts, yet, have created legislations to instruct society to harm themselves by selling the illusion that they work – they have not provided any scientific evidence of effectiveness or safety, yet, people have conformed by believing in the word of authority.

It was the time when the Gates Foundation, GAVI, and the Vaccine Alliance became well known to many. When people wore face-masks throughout the summer months; when all the evidence determined the pandemic was over; and when the creation of a management tier system was created, which made zero sense in controlling infection rates. It was at this point when the Leader of the BLPP sent a letter to government warning of the dangers and irresponsible legislation of face-masks; he warned the government that they are setting the elderly up for a fall when the cold weather returned and much more – the letter and the warnings, just like 1000s of others sent to governments all around the world from many different experts, was ignored.

Why did governments create legislations knowing face-masks do not work and will harm people who wear them for prolonged periods of time? Why would governments put the elderly and those in the ‘at risk’ category lives at risk by reducing the effectiveness of their immune systems? Why did governments begin threatening, fining, punishing and arresting those who did not want to risk their health by not wearing face-masks?

Spring / Summer was when governments orchestrated the biggest and most successful marketing campaign ever. Everywhere people went they saw and heard the repeated messages of ‘one of the world’s deadliest pandemics was here’, ‘Protect the NHS’, ‘Save Lives’, etc.. Why did governments spend £millions on these media campaigns when if there is a deadly pandemic around, surely people everywhere would notice and experienced it without having to be reminded of it everywhere they went, every minute of every day? Would most of us not even know anything unusual was occurring without these continued repeated messages? The messages conditioned people to fear any sort of symptom that relates to the common cold, flu or what we have been told is CoVid-19. It made people ignore the reality that those who did suffer symptoms, most say it felt like a bad cold or flu, and the overwhelming majority got better within just a few days. However, the continued exposure of messages warning us of this deadly pandemic, kept the majority obeying all government instructions no matter how nonsensical they appeared to be. To the extent, people ignored the reality of their own existence and continued believed the reality being presented by government, media and the PR campaigns. It is a surreal experience for anyone who took notice of society. Our lives became on par with a George Orwellian novel and the ‘Big Brother’ nightmare appeared to be a very real reality.

It was a year when politicians became future seers, back in June they promised a 2nd wave and sure enough later in the year media informed us of a second wave. It was a year that, when the summer months came, politicians instead of using the number of deaths to support their actions, they use the number of cases as determined by known flawed PCR tests that are not diagnostic tests. This virus seem to appear whenever governments foretold, the ‘predicted’ data appeared to match what government had already pre-planned, and as explained above, the reality, live data, and science was ignored and dismissed. To the extent that the campaigns made people believe that they were safe at work, but the virus became far more transmittable in retail shops or social venues; the virus became more infectious after a certain time a night; and face-masks worked even though there is zero evidence to prove it and with media reports of countries who mandated/s them began to lockdown their countries again due to further waves. Yet, freedom protestors of all ages and all health ranges in any country, who never wore face-masks, social distanced, never became ill. When, if a deadly pandemic was around and we needed these things to keep us safe, some of these protestors should have at some point suffered illness from the virus.

The warmer seasons was the time when government all around UN used 3 word / phrase slogans to market the pandemic as being dangerous to all and about how we need to obey to save the health service and others in society; and when fully grown adults accepted these as vital information and guidance on how to live their lives. So successful was governments at treated adults like petulant children, the slogans continued as if they were essentially memes. It began a time when protesting became illegal and police were used to displace, arrest and threaten freedom protests, however, other protestors, i.e. BLM, Antifa, XR, were permitted to protest with minimal interference – when leaders showed their destain for freedom and independent data.

In July, it was reported that UK government had commissioned a group for the express purpose of blocking freedom of Information requests regarding CoVid-19. And millions of requests were ignored, when data was clearly readily available. Why did the UK government not want various departments to release readily available data?

July saw the release of a book over a decade in the making from the executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab (thought to be the son of an ‘alleged’ Nazi party member) – ‘The Great Reset’. Klaus has been selling the idea of his ‘Great Reset’ to international bodies, including the World Bank, IMF, UN, all UN member governments and corporate businesses for a long period of time. He has the ear of the vaccine alliance, Bill Gates, Clinton Foundation and those attending the Davos events, i.e. very powerful and influential people. The book was available online as a draft version earlier this year, but, like the videos of Bill Gates mentioning ‘Depopulation by Vaccinations’, has been removed. His marketing material concentrates on CoVid-19 being the cause of major societal disruption and allowing for the opportunity to reset society; he fails to mention he was pushing for societal and political changes for over a decade as part of UN Agenda 2030, which was adopted by all UN member countries years ago without informing entire societies! Below is a section from the draft version (pre-CoVid) read earlier in the year, it is unclear whether the section made it to the final draft and it is expected that various sections have been rewritten with a CoVid-19 slant:

Notice the use of the phrase ‘New Normal’, it is what our politicians have been promoting all year. Also, it would also appear as though Klaus foresaw societal disruptions in the future, just like governments all over the UN became future seers regarding further waves of the virus! It would seem the sales pitch Klaus has been giving for over a decade is becoming a very real reality. The reviews of his book, especially on Amazon, are less than positive, for example: He attempts to persuade people that giving up personal freedom, behaving in a drone like manner is a Utopia; not a conspiracy theory but a terrifying, real plan, etc. Within the plan is for people to stop eating meat regularly and for it to be a delicacy as long as people have earned enough credits (he really does not like meat eaters); for people to accept some credit system to be able to do ‘fun’ and social things; for people to submit to government instruction without having any avenue to question the choices made; for people to stay at home rather than go out, etc.; and he actually states in his book: ‘Would a Dystopian society really be that bad!– yes, Klaus, that is why it is called Dystopia!. This is the person who is highly influential in the world and has acquired agreements from all UN countries to make his ‘Great Reset’ become a reality.

Also in July, the Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko issued a statement to his people describing how the World Bank and IMF offered him a Bribe of $940million in the form of a CoVid relief aid package and demanded he crashed the economy, impose a police state, force people to wear face-masks and impose extreme lock-downs on his people – in essence, follow the ‘LockStep’ scenario; just like most other UN countries have done. He refused the bribe. Concurrently the IMF and the World Bank began bailing out failing airlines in exchange for strict policies including ensuring all passengers wear face-masks.

It was a year when some British Historical figures were allowed to be torn down and covered-up on the calls of racism, and when BLM activists where presented as being discriminated against and promoted on the BBC – BLM were very useful for the Democrats in the 2020 US election. When a few in different countries politicians decided to test the accuracy of PCR by swabbing papaya fruit and placing the swabs in coca-cola or just sending clean unused swabs back for analysis and surprisingly to them a positive result was attained. It was a time when some people registered to have PCR tests in pop-up test centres, but due to the queues, had to leave before having the test and then received a positive test confirmation some days later and had to self isolate for 14days. It was a time, when we were all told that 1000s of people are being tested at the pop-up test centres, only to find if you monitored them for hours, the vast majority were quiet, boring places to work, much like the vast majority of hospitals were at the start of the year.

It was a year when government, media and everyone ignored our own immune systems, Vitamin C and D and the extremely high survival rate in every country; and waited for an injectable cure for something that is not a threat to >99.6% of people (see ‘CoVid-19 – what-does-the-data-show’). When the cold weather returned governments used a combination of number of deaths and cases to justify changes to the Tier system. It would appear lock-downs, face-masks, social distancing did not work, which comes of little surprise, and only confirms the decades of research done before governments legislated for such things. Yet, societies continued following unscientific instructions and obeying government instructions without questioning. It was a year when new illnesses where invented as a result of the virus – long CoVid, CoVid pneumonia, etc., when there were reports of felines being infected, reports of an airborne variants and when new strains of the virus appeared in different countries but only government medical advisors found them – what happened to them?.

When the cold weather arrived, the promotion of the winter flu vaccine began along with some doctors and nurses warning people about something new in the vaccine. This prompted politicians to publicly receive the vaccine as proof of safety. The most noticeable one was the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan who was pictured happily accepting the vaccine with the protective cap still on. Seemingly, not even politicians promoting the vaccine would not risk taking one. Perhaps the biggest controversy now confirmed by official data and evidence from the WHO, shows that the flu shots are known to kill 5 out of every 1324 healthy adults, even though all governments and the WHO tells us they are perfectly safe. It is also thought the winter flu jab is expected to kill 377 of every 100,000 adults in the UK, between 19 and 65 and the mortality rate obviously increases with age and those with underlying illnesses. (Note: Of the 14million vaccinated with the flu vaccine in the first 12weeks of 2020, at least 52,780 would have been expected to suffer fatal adverse events from the vaccines administered. Deaths caused by the vaccine would have been identified in coroners reports if they were permitted to conduct proper investigations, but, as mentioned earlier, these were bypassed on instructions from government(s)).

The cold weather also gave rise to the usual illnesses, corona viruses (i.e. common colds), coughing, sneezing, and fevers that is expected to arrive with the forthcoming drop in temperatures. People who did not wear a face-mask were seen as selfish, irresponsible, stupid, foolish decease spreaders and many supported the police punishing them. The people who refused to wear one were and are seen as not being normal, not intelligent, knowledgable people who did their research and refused to be subservient to a government who has been deceiving throughout; which shows the state of mind the majority had due to being lazy, their blind belief in authority and being terrified by media campaigns.

In the last few months of the year news stories describing how clinical lab scientists who have been examining, studying and analysing positive blood samples found No CoVid-19 virus in any of the samples. Some had mostly influenza A and some were influenza B, and some had no signs of any Coronavirus whatsoever. Let that sink in! The most deadliest virus in a lifetime (allegedly) that has spread everywhere, yet, it seems to be difficult to find blood samples with the actual CoVid-19 virus present in it. In essence, most samples appear to have remnants of influenza A or B. Along with these reports, images of the exact same nurse giving vaccines in several different countries emerged, which gave rise to social media account of how she travels around a lot or must be part of a foreign exchange program purely for giving vaccines. And of course, many UN member leaders went with the same slogan of ‘Build Better Back’ declaring that UN member governments can collaborate together other than in time of war; giving the impression that during ‘one of the world’s deadliest’ pandemics they had time to get together to promote their plan to rebuild societies that they themselves destroyed and they were going to do it together – a slogan of ‘The Great Reset’ project.

It was a year when pharmaceutical companies, representing the vaccine alliance, all worked independently to produce a magical miracle vaccine for one of the world’s newest and most deadliest virus and all had one to go all at the same time within a matter of a few months – when all evidence shows it generally takes over 10years to produce a vaccine, conduct trials and pass safety assessments – defying what we know from historical data and methods used to produce ‘SAFE(?)’ vaccines. It was a year UN member countries, who did not already have them, created legislations to prevent pharmaceutical companies and those administering the vaccine from any legal discourse – governments gave them legal indemnity. Why, when we are informed the vaccine(s) are perfectly safe, do these companies need this protection?. It was a year, when even after the first day of giving the Pfizer vaccine, some people began to suffer allergic reactions – some have been left unfit for work, and some suffered facial paralysis – yet, media and politicians continue to inform us the vaccine has gone through rigorous safety check / trials and is perfectly safe. Still, people are queueing up to take it – we have to question the intelligence of the people taking this or any other vaccine for CoVid-19. People believe, even though decades or research in vaccines has not produced a cure for influenza A or B or the use of such vaccines has proved to prevented any deaths whatsoever, several Big Pharma companies can purify a brand new more deadly virus, can develop a vaccine, can run through clinical trials to prove it is safe for human injection, can then trail the vaccine using human volunteers to identify additional side effects, and then pass rigorous safety checks using independent bodies all within a matter of a few months; when it generally takes at least a decade to accomplish – it is a foolish and dangerous belief system. It is this sort of misguided and misplaced belief that allows corrupt politicians, and big corporations to cash-in on human suffering, deaths and using people in society as disposable assets.

November saw the leaked reports in how the NHS spent well over £2million on gagging orders and creating another layer of security to monitor all outgoing communications. The NHS who are always publicly saying they are suffering from lack of funding, have spent substantial funds on ensuring communications are controlled during ‘one of the world’s most deadliest’ pandemics; to the extent of monitoring personal social media accounts of employees. It is unclear why they chose to waste valuable resources during this crisis, however, it might be directly related to those doctors and nurses who where dismissed in April, at the height of the pandemic, for questioning what was being reported on media.

Politicians primed us for greater restrictions in the new year of 2021 and sure enough in December 2020, they created another Tier and prepared us for additional restrictions, business closures and more unemployment. Towards the end of the year, politicians and media companies broadcast stories of how the NHS service was again overwhelmed and people should remain in their homes for their own safety as there is ‘a new variant of the virus around that is even more infectious and transmittable than the one earlier in the year and this time children might be impacted’ as confirmed by the medical advisors responsible for the chaos earlier in the year; and just so happens justifies testing children in schools thus countering those who questioned why previously. This came just in time to distract from Brexit and to justify further restrictions at Christmas and in the new year. Yet, the data, like in the 1st ‘lockdown’, says otherwise, the opposite of what politicians are describing and show nothing remotely unusual for the time of year – with the exception of the increases in pneumonia cases, presented as CoVid pneumonia (conveniently), which could be a direct result of face-mask wearing, as seen in Figure3.

Figure 3 – NHS Occupancy Rates December 2020

The news and politicians failed to mention to the public, that one of the main reasons CoVid wards were filling up during this period was for two main reasons: the lack of beds assigned to the CoVid wards and patients, even children and their parents, being placed automatically in CoVid wards until results of the PCR test were known. Thus, making the situation seem much worse than what it actually was – corrupting data collection and potentially increasing transmission rates. The number of patients could also point to the self-fulfilling prophecy bought about by blindly obeying government like mindless drones and wearing face-masks for prolonged periods of time; and thus strengthening the decades old warnings from scientific research about the public use of face-masks.

It was at this point when another vaccine was approved in the UK (Oxford AstraZeneca) and conveniently timed to coincide with this more transmissible coronavirus, which is apparently more safe than the previous perfectly safe Pfizer vaccine! A UK government scientist declared that both vaccines will work with these new variants, which is a stroke of luck for society considering that the new variant was only identified a few days before the announcement and is unclear how they would know this in such a short period of time – question: is this new variant still CoVid-19 or something else as the language and terminology used at this point was indistinguishable? It is now unclear due to the vast numbers of coronaviruses in existence if government are continuing to restrict freedoms of people, and continuing to use known flawed PCR tests, due to CoVid-19 or because of all the many coronaviruses around.

During the Christmas break, media coverage increased on all outlets, warning us that we need to be responsible as the deadly virus is still around and the NHS is at breaking point so we must think before seeing our families. The death rate began to be emphasised again to spread fear in the society. Yet, on Boxing day, instead of people dying on the street, in their homes and in shopping centres due to CoVid-19, people were queuing outside retail parks for the Boxing day bargains. Although, people still wore face masks seemingly as a new HABIT or addiction – I wonder if they knew that one of the worlds deadliest pandemics along with its more transmissible cousins were around ready to strike them down? – well according to government and those who are profiting considerably from this pandemic. However, in the last few weeks of the year when the cold weather began to bite, their was an increasing number of people seeing the elderly who wore face-masks fainting or collapsing in retail establishments, due to oxygen derivation, as many experts warned and science had previously concluded.

Late in December, commercials began to air promoting holidays and travel under ‘jab and go’, which invariably means that unless people receive the vaccine(s), then travel and holidays will be more difficult to experience and enjoy, almost impossible unless people comply. At this point, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and politicians in similar positions throughout the UN member countries began promoting people to spend their savings to cover the debts caused by government led societal disruptions bought about by the CoVid pandemic. Commercials began to air on TV and radio advising people to keep their windows open to let CoVid19 particles escape; yes, coldest temperatures all year, and governments have advised people to let the cold air in, when in previous years cold air (and damp conditions caused by it) has been the reason why people have died of pneumonia and related illnesses!? – ‘you just can’t make this up’.

Just before new year, the UK government considered (and still is) mixing and matching both vaccines, completely baffling even the most loyal scientists who have gone along with government decisions until this point. One prominent scientist from Cornell University (John Moore) even said: “The UK government has completely abandoned science at this point” – well they and other governments have ignored it all year!

Before the new year bell rang, some EU countries promoted the use of a register to identify those who refuse to have any vaccine. Why would this be needed if people want to risk their health, that decision is theirs; likewise if people are foolish enough to be vaccinated by these new vaccines then that is their choice and their risk. A register can only mean that those who refuse are going to be blacklisted and their freedom(s) restricted. The new year also gave rise to further stories from virologists, makers of PCR tests, and other clinical scientists saying the CoVid pandemic is ‘the Biggest Hoax ever Perpetrated’. Some academics studying the virus, or moreover, blood from PCR positive patients have also been found questioning the validity of the pandemic, although in most instances their respective universities have repealed and denied these claims. And then on New Years day government announced a phased return to school to protect children from something all the data globally states are between negligible – zero risk from the virus.

Throughout all the year, judging by the obvious fact the government have lied and deceived the public, the fact that the health service was never in any danger of being overwhelmed, and the fact that care homes have seen no increases in the number of residents dying compared to previous years despite government best efforts; Were have all the deaths originated from in the latter half of the year when people have been following government instructions, wearing face-masks, social distancing, closing businesses, staying at home, etc.? and then continue to order people to obey further restriction when clearly, using government propaganda and any real data that is available, these instructions clearly do not work. It is almost like throughout the year government made-up it’s own data to justify their decisions and worked to increase the time-limit of this ‘viral crisis’. Moreover, science, data and evidence not produced by government advisors and scientists, even decades of research before this crisis, has been ignored due to being in direct contradiction to the narrative and political agendas driven by the UN.

Bringing It All Together

The Truth is: The reality most people lived, with the exception of being exposed to constant campaigns regarding the pandemic, did not match the reality presented by the political press conferences or media broadcasts. After a year of being terrorised with the threat of a deadly virus and the restrictions that came with it, people have been worn out by government restrictions that most will accept anything to return to a more normal way of life. Unfortunately, this appears to be what government and the global elite has planned by using the CoVid-19 virus to achieve political goals. The reality is 2020 was just the beginning of something bigger.

The whole year was a massive sales and marketing pitch for vaccines, which is why data, evidence and science was and still is being ignored and why governments produced their own fictional data and presented it as real science; and continued to inform the public of contradictory and opposite versions of reality.

There should be no academic, no scientist and no medical professional anywhere in the world that supports the use of face-masks to protect against respiratory infections; that supports quarantining of millions of perfectly healthy people; that supports and administers the use of vaccination that cannot be proved to be safe in such a small period of time; that approves testing of adults and children using known flawed tests who are between zero-negligible risk from the virus. Yet, we find all these people have forgotten about their professional ethics, their knowledge, their integrity, their morality, and their responsibility to do no harm; and thus, have followed instructions that specifically causes harm and suffering to innocent men, women and children. Indeed, many academics are ‘chomping at the bit’ for funding that they dare not question the narratives and risk being removed from their positions like some doctors and nurses did during the height of the pandemic in April 2020. It would seem like those lesson learned from East Germany in 1930/40s has been forgotten. People just blindly and obediently following orders (like drones) without questioning to protect their jobs and careers is how tyranny spreads and what saw the rise of the 3rd Reich and with it mass indoctrination in schools and media along with human experimentation; for their own safety and the greater good of society.

So how does the UN, the World Bank, The Vaccine Alliance, Gates Foundation, Internet Giants and with them Big Pharma relate to this crisis? Representatives of Big Pharma, due to a failing business model, have been lobbying governments and the UN for decades to acquire an untapped resource in the EU, and accelerate the use of vaccines just like they have in many third world countries (where considerable damage and infertility have been experienced as a direct outcome of vaccines). The result was the Roadmap on Vaccinations (RoV) project (see Figure 4) which is a sub-project of the UN ‘The Great Reset’ – a project over a decade in the making. The UK government, and other UN countries, signed up-to both projects several years before CoVid-19 became public knowledge. Meaning that they had already agreed for society/ies to be forced to use a health passport, already agreed to restrict the freedoms of people without a vaccine register, and already agreed to help all UN member nations to counter vaccine hesitancy.

Figure 4 – The Roadmap On Vaccinations

As can be seen from Figure 4, the digital health passport and routing vaccinations, despite what leaders in government have said, was already agreed to in secret years ago. The project timelines were updated Q3, 2019 when several member countries expected high mortality rates in 2020 (See CoVid-19 – What does the data say). As can be seen 2019, 2020 and 2021 are very important for UN member states to work collaboratively to counter vaccine hesitancy. How do you help UN member countries counter vaccine hesitancy all at the same time? The one thing national governments needed to justify and promote the use of vaccines, is a virus. What a stroke of luck and timing for global leaders and the vaccine alliance that one appears to have turned up just in time to match project timelines; and one ‘whopper’ of a coincidence. This virus, that some virologists conclude has been made in a lab in china (run by stakeholders of Big Pharma), and not by recreating ‘Wet Farm’ markets, appears to be working to satisfy this project aims. (note: we are all aware from the Skripal poisonings that all countries have fully funded labs, governed by big pharma, working not only on vaccines, but, on developing new viruses, bacteria and chemicals that are harmful for humans; for what positive outcome? – the elites do not fund research and development without the intention of using the outcome for a purpose that benefits them! They have already proven they are willing to kill 100,000 of people to attain their goals and market it as bringing freedom to oppressed people (i.e. 2nd Iraq War).) This virus appears to mutate at an alarming rate and a virus that governments are so confident is the cause of most deaths that even correct coroner investigations were not needed or indeed wanted. So why do governments want CoVid-19 to be the thing that determines the freedoms of people who are perfectly safe from it and so important to take president in death statistics promoted on media at the expense of societies biggest killers of people?

The main questions are: how did this virus travel so fast globally in every country without governments noticing it before it was too late? Additionally, how many people who received the winter flu vaccine in 2019 died of ‘alleged’ CoVid-19 earlier in the year compared to those who did not?; and then how many people died of ‘alleged’ CoVid-19 after the winter flu vaccine was given in 2020? These are questions that currently relate to a conspiracy, but, ask yourself why this data is not available?

There needs to be investigations in the convenient timing of CoVid-19 and why most UN governments seem to have made the same mistakes, ignored the same scientific research and seem to work for the continued survivability of the virus in societies and ensure its spread. We need to understand why the usual herd immunity was interruption by quarantining millions of perfectly healthy people, who are in no danger, in their homes; and then why governments transferred suspected CoVid patients into care homes where the most vulnerable live.

Some sources have determined that the UK government have spent over £333billion on the coronavirus pandemic mostly directed to Minister’s lobbyist friends, personal friends, family members, Big Pharma and those who have strong relationships to them; substantially more than the NHS budget, as public debt soars above £2Trillion; those directly responsible for ‘Lock-downs’ have a vested financial interest in the outcome. Many doctors, scientist and representatives of Big Pharma have become CoVid multimillionaires (some billionaires) in less than one year. The economic situation is worse than that experienced after the first world war. It also has be be noted this pandemic, despite what politicians and media wants people to believe is nowhere near as deadly as the Spanish Flu and only appears to be dangerous to people over 75 with underlying health conditions. Why then did governments work to destroy livelihoods and businesses of those who are at less than negligible risk from the virus (see ‘CoVid-19 – What the Data Says”)? Is it purely because of the World Bank and the UN project ‘the Great Reset’, thus bringing forth into societies the ideology of Klaus Schwab, which needed societal disruption to prime people for new global governance and restrictions under the sustainable future and climate change pact, see figure 5!

Figure 5 – The Great Reset (or Agenda 2030)

This project encompasses the RoV project once again was signed up-to in secret years ago before CoVid-19 became public knowledge – it has been in the planning stage for decades, whilst Klaus and the World Bank worked for collaborative partnerships with governments. The virus has become an integral component of the project, along with vaccines, global health and 5G (despite all the health concerns). It is a project which concentrates on changing countries entire governing and economic infrastructure for one world governance. It is a project where the outcome will be only a few countries in the world which will determine the outcome of every other and where global corporate businesses will be dominant at the expense of smaller businesses. A project where one of the slogans, mentioned countless times in the World Economic Forum, is: ‘By 2030, you will own nothing, and be happy”. For this project to ‘get off the ground’ it needs UN countries to be in a position to market the idea of altering the wealth distribution. It needs people to agree to accept no ownership of property apart from the wealthy few; it needs agreement for people to participate in a global monitoring system, just for our own safety. Moreover, it means the wealthy few will own everything and others, the poor, will rent off them. But, it needs complete and total economic and societal disruption for people to be primed to accept such constraints in freedom and ownership. Governments already agreed to reset the financial economy by destroying the existing one by debt and ruined businesses, and agreed to ensure all power is directed centrally to national (thus, the global elite) government; and already agreed to coerce people to accept the idea of owning no property. This virus and government decisions to satisfy the RoV project, along with the majority being so compliant, drone like and never questioning; and allowing themselves to be herded like cattle believing they have to obey for their own safety, has ensured the project is off to a good start.

The foundation, architecture and trial of this new world governing system is already being rolled out in China, the alleged ‘ground zero’ of CoVid-19. The Health passport has been live for some time now leaving people not being able to work or enjoy social activities if it’s time to get tested. If the digital health passport turns amber or red for any reason there is no choice, no-one to speak to, you are commanded to do as you are instructed’ – no working and no leaving your home unless it is essential or to get a test (sound familiar). And with it, a social scoring system (or credit system), using 5G, with smart phone technology (gps, camera, microphones) and CCTV that monitors everyone everywhere they go and scores them on their behaviour determined by central government. If their actions are deemed not compatible with government instructions and societal cohesion, people’s freedom is restricted for a predetermined amount of time depending on the offence, e.g., unable to go to theatre, buy / rent a car, or travel, etc.

This is not a conspiracy, it is happening right now in certain parts of China and being rolled out their nationally. Chinese people, being conditioned through the years, have accepted it as a good thing, for the good of society, for their own safety and well-being, even though people are met with brutality from their own police force and government who governs these systems. Does this sound somewhat familiar to the behaviour our government and police force as the excuses to justify their actions! Through years of education, conditioning and indoctrination, the Chinese government have managed to enslave the majority and for the majority to believe it is for the greater good of society – no chains are needed. The virus was all that was required to persuade millions more to obey and adopt social scoring and the health passport without any societal upheaval. Is this the reason why it is so important to indoctrination, test and condition children (who are at zero risk) in our schools, to allow this ‘new normal’ to automatically become habit for our young? The flaw of this system is, if people in society dispose of their smart phones live monitoring would be limited to CCTV and facial recognition. Well, there is a solution which has been in development for several years when all UN member governments signed up-to Agenda 2030One such solution is the DARPA injectable monitoring sensor.

This military funded Biosensor (nanotechnology) is being marketed as the future of pandemic detection and partially funded by The Gates Foundation – research began upon the conception of ‘The Great Reset’ project. The sensor is made from a 3mm string of hydrogel, which is inserted under the skin with a syringe or within a vaccine. The biosensor will communicate with wireless networks (5G) and would transmit information about your body (including chemical changes affecting emotions) and your whereabouts to authorities, and the most worrying part is it capable of receiving information (for what purpose is currently unknown although skin receptors can be used as antennas with 5G technology thus the biosensor can impact behavioural changes via alteration of body chemistry). The issue is the body will eventually break the hydrogel sensor down and naturally remove the ‘invader’ as a foreign object even though it is design to be more tissue like. So regular routine injections are required to replace it. The biosensor, and equivalents on the market, is scheduled to be ready for approval sometime early 2021.

For the health passport and social scoring, i.e. the outcome of the (WEF’s) Klaus Schwab utopia (or more accurately a fascist eco-centric dictatorship dystopia), to be a very real reality for the success of ‘The Great Reset’ project (for social cohesion, societies safety and security, peace and harmony where everyone will live in veritable Utopia without free-will or freedom), there is just one outstanding question:

How do governments persuade 100s-of-millions (billions) of people to agree to have regular routine injections at a time specified by government and make it become a habit for everyone in society?

If you do not have the answer to this question after reading this summary, then good luck and god bless! Your and your children’s future, moreover, freedom, is at stake. Do not allow your fear, driven from media, allow you to give up on the future of individuality, self-determination, and free-thinking. Your descendants deserve better than the path we are currently on.

Let us tell our leaders and Klaus to ‘GO TO HELL’ and fight against the ‘NEW NORMAL’.

For a PDF version of this page see: 2020 – The Start of Something Bigger

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