govenments are installing this technology to grandstand on the world stage. But, they know it is harmful to biological life. why are they openly poisoning people when a completely safe viable alternative is already available?

The leader of the British Liberal Provident Party wrote an open letter to the UK government in June2019 warning of the very real risks to life from commissioning such technology.  He was not alone, 1000’s of researchers, medical professionals and engineers also wrote letters of concern.  This is still continuing to this day (July 2020).  Governmnets have ignored scientific evidence and pushing ahead in consciously damaging people’s health, when there is already perfectly safe technology around and well distributed in every town and city.  The only question is why?

Click on the image below for the open letter dated June 2019.

The fight to keep people in society still continues, as can be seen from the letter below.  But, now the fight has reached a more difficult stage as the foundation for mm-Wave technology has already been installed.  Yes, an alledged deadly virus, yet, installing 5G network continued throughout the first quarter of 2020.

The leader recently sent an identical letter to the one in the link above to the new leader (Boris) and his cabinet members, but, also to an MP of a town where 5G antennas are currently being installed.

Notice, how the dangers from 5G are diminished with the remark ‘can cause people to become unwell’.  This is due to the MP not wanting to cause issues with the current government. 

This technology has proven to damage biology to the extent where it can prematurely kill.  Notice also that she has asked what research is available to prove this technology is safe.  The leader specifically asked her to place the question as such because the research that proves this technology to be safe for prolonged exposure does not exist (it is based on communication companies word and biased research that does not pass the scientific method).  Thus, places the oweness on the Secretary of state for Digital, Culture, media and Sport.  Although, government’s do openly admit to some of the negative impacts on biological life, they ignore the more dangerous aspects and push ahead.

We await answers, but, until then people must join the fight to prevent a wide variety of illnesses incuding cancer caused by being exposed to this technology.

Still the real reasons why governments want this dangerous technology installed remains open!