meet the team

trevor holden

Hello there Let me introduce myself, I’m your party founder and Leader. I have been an Engineering Manager and returned to academia later in life to complete a doctorate and throughout kept a keen eye on the political world around me. I used to ignore politics thinking it never concerned me, but, this changed when I grasped the understanding of how dangerous being ignorant of this world is for everyone. Our lives are impacted more by those few in government that our own choices in life and as such no-one should just allow those few in government to continue to go unchecked. Western politics have changed from being ‘about the people and for the people’ to ‘for the few for the benefit of the few’ and this will inevitably lead into a dark future for all of us. My life experience has taught me that I cannot just sit back and just accept the choices made for me (and for you). The most distressing experiences I have come across in life has been because of legislation, systems and political propaganda set forth by mainstream parties in government and it mustbe the same for everyone. Our society has now reached a stage where division is common place, where political hoaxes and propaganda is rampant; people are used as assets and are constant victims of political pantomimes directed, produced and written bygovernment and PR companies, which continue to cause substantial suffering for everyone. It is time to breakout of the pantomine and bring real freedom to society as I, and all of us, have a vested interest in making life better. This is my goal but cannot do it without your help before the negative trends cannot be reversed. Thankyou

christine berry

Hi, I’m Christine, I’m the Social Media and Marketing Officer and joined the team in October 2019. A fully qualified Early Years Practitioner, Educational Support Worker and SenCo as well as my duties within the party I also work as a Pre-School team Leader within a private nursery setting. My passion is education and advised Trevor with the educational side of the manifesto. I’m an active member of the party and am a great supporter of our Leader. In my spare time I enjoy walking, reading, shopping and crafting, at the moment I’m completing a cross-stitch project. I’m relatively new to politics and like trevor was never interested until late last year when I realised if you do not at least try and make your voice heard, you may as well give up on everything. I’ve learnt that not all you read and view is the truth.  It is what media and government want us to believe; making us think they have our best interests at heart which in actual fact isn’t the big picture.  You only need to look at the recent covid-19 pandemic and then compare what we’ve been told to the actual facts and data to see the real truth.