Is Compliance Worse than the Virus?

Is Compliance Worse than the Virus

The United Kingdom has a rapidly ageing population, we know this and so do governments. The number of people aged 65 years and over is expected to increase by 1.8% over 2020-21 to total 12.9 million, accounting for 19% of total UK population (~13million), the highest proportion this age group has ever comprised in UK’s history. The growth in the age group has been driven by longer life expectancies, living conditions, and especially readily accessible pharmaceuticals and health care designed to extend lives. Of this age group the number of people aged 80 and over accounts for ~2.7% (~1.75milliom and climbing) of the total UK population. Moreover, the high number of people born from the mid-to-late 1940s and into the 1950s, so called Baby-Boomers, has contributed to the large number of people aged 65 years and over and the increased number of people in the ‘at risk’ category. Common sense says we cannot beat the end of life, we are all mortal, and no matter what we cannot beat Death and the more vulnerable people there are the more likely they are going to become fatally ill, especially during the Winter months.

Despite all sides of the argument with respect to the CoVid-19 crisis, the likelihood of, due to the increased numbers of people in these age groups, dying during flu seasons within a small period of time, i.e. when their immune systems are under attack and when some due to age already suffer some form of illness (or needing prescription medicines to extend their life), increases dramatically. Hence, those monitoring the demographics of countries, in this case the UK, would naturally expect excess deaths in countries that have high numbers of people in the ‘at risk’ category compared to previous years. This trend is shown in Figure 1 and what has been used to drive governments freedom restrictions and justified the economic destruction of the country. Unfortunately, this rise in deaths was predicted and expected based on previous trends and demographics before CoVid-19 became public knowledge, see (‘Making sense of CoVid-19 & ‘CoVid-19 – What does the data say’, for more about trends).

Figure 1

Recently, 27th January 2021, the UK Prime Minister came under fire for the sheer number of deaths recorded in the UK, especially from the opposition party. Despite the real differences between advice from decades of scientific research on how to deal with pandemics and those governments took during the pandemic (i.e. face-masks, anti-social distancing, quarantining of perfectly healthy people), thus, completely ignoring science; there was really nothing anyone anywhere in the world could do to prevent the overwhelming majority of deaths. These people sadly and tragically reached the end of their lives as their immune systems were no longer strong enough to fight off any (additional) infection or decease. This is not a defence of Boris Johnson’s government or the handling of the situation, it is just the understanding of mortality of life with the common sense reasoning that no matter what medical treatments are available at some point we will all reach the end of our lives. It is also the reason that those countries which have a low ageing population had a low number of deaths from any reason in 2020. Investigating death rates in many countries gives a firm grasp of the relationship between the numbers of people in the ‘at risk’ category and the number of people who die in a short period of time, especially during the Winter months. To reach this understanding, however, the data needs to be analysed as data to remove all emotions and sensitivities from decisions making tasks. An example of how future demographics is assessed, Figure 2 illustrates the mortality trends expected within the UK for the foreseeable future from data supplied by the UK government and verified by the United Nations.

Figure 2

As can be seen, the number of deaths per 1000 people has been on the decline since mid-1970s and the lowest number of recorded deaths occurred in 2011 with 556776 people. This decline indicates the UK population grew faster than the death rate, hence, indicating a declining trend. The UK government, due to analysing the number of people entering the ‘at risk’ category, realised there will be unprecedented numbers of people who will die in the near future. As a result, the trend following the low in 2011 (see Figure 1) on right hand side of Figure 2 shows the trend increasing year-on-year until mid-2060s. This increase is predicted from either: the UK population numbers declining year-on-year meaning less immigration and less birth rates or higher death rates or a combination of both. Again, common sense indicates the growing numbers of people who reach the ‘at risk’ category (with many who, by choice, are malnourished) will mean a growing number of people who will sadly die year-on-year. It is sad, but, it is the inevitability of life that we should not ignore. To coincide with the argument funeral and crematorium industry research directors also analyse the demographic data and they are preparing for annual increase in business (>1.7% year-on-year) for the foreseeable future as seen in Figure 3. They expect, due to the high number of people in the ‘at risk’ category at this time, for the number of registered deaths to decrease by 5.2% in 2022 from a new predicted high in 2021, but, they recognise the lower death rate in previous years and the huge numbers of people in the ‘at risk’ category will mean death rates will rise and stay significantly higher for the foreseeable future. Notice the death rate stays substantially higher than the historical rates shown in Figure1. In essence, the UK government, the UN, and those whose business is dealing with funerals / crematoriums are all predicting a significant rise in the number of people expected to die in the UK beyond what we have seen since the end of WWII, vaccine or no vaccine, CoVid or no CoVid.

Figure 3

However, there is a difference between people dying from natural causes (including from bacteria or viruses) and accelerating the time of death and causing additional deaths that would otherwise not occur for many years. For an explanation of what we mean by this we have to discuss the legislations made mid-2020 for the express purpose of forceably coercing people, especially the most vulnerable, to wear face-masks and social distance; the forceable closures of businesses costing jobs and livelihoods; and the propaganda of fear spread by politicians and media outlets.

Many experts, including decades of scientific research which was ignored, all conclude that lock-downs of entire societies will eventually kill more people than any coronavirus pandemic will. This is due to loneliness and helplessness people feel due to isolation leading to early death, years of depression and mental health issues; strains to vital public services including health care; the damage to the economy leading to economic depressions and hyperinflation, which will cause lack of food and other supplies including medicines, and increase numbers of people self-harming; abject poverty; and if history is anything to go by when a depression hits, a war is usually not far behind. Thus, the predictions made by the directors in Figure 3 is likely to be less than what is going to occur and therefore our health systems are going to be under strain like never before experienced for the forthcoming future. (Strangely or conveniently, these are the exact conditions that make centralised government and global institutions (and corporate businesses) thrive, i.e. having many desperate people looking towards centralised government for help, just like other national crises). Complying with government instructions, when they themselves have ignored decades of research, will hit societies and families hard. The damage will take decades to repair and many people’s lives are prematurely going to be taken from us. (The data and science regarding dealing with pandemics has been discussed in previous posts and in the document ‘Making Sense of CoVid-19’ produced in April2020.)


People have been convinced that wearing a face-mask will protect them. People have been convinced that a global 97% reduction in one year of people dying from flu / pneumonia is due to wearing face-masks and social distancing. They have acquired this belief through gossip and media broadcasts. They have not questioned what size particles the face-mask filters will protect them from or researched the sizes of CoVid-19, bacteria, CO2 or the many different corona viruses particles there are! Many people have followed government advice / instructions without thinking for themselves (see our previous posts for more informations on particle sizes) and this has consequences.

Influenza (flu), can infect a person in the exact same way as non-airborne viruses, such as CoVid-19, but is far more infectious due to being airborne. People can be infected through the eyes; and the particle sizes of viruses, including CoVid-19, are substantially smaller than that of the overwhelming majority of face-mask filters (all of them) available to the general public, making them completely hopeless for protection against all types viruses (airborne and non-airborne). Hence, wearing of face-masks to protect a person from the flu or CoVid-19 is simply a ridiculous argument. People constantly touch their face-mask, they constantly reuse old face-masks, people often cough or sneeze into face-masks or even pull face-mask down to cough and sneeze, thus spreading viruses and bacteria onto the surface of the face-masks and the filters, which then are breathed into the body. In essence, face-masks are a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and viruses and do not allow all the CO2 to escape before being breathed back in! Decades of scientific research also states that they will cause more harm than good and as result have never been advised in any pandemic or epidemic situation – they are potentially an extreme health hazard outside medical areas. What this means is that if many in society frequently and for prolonged periods of time wear face-masks, science dictates that the number of deaths and the number of infections caused by influenza and pneumonia (a bacterial infection) will increase, not decrease. It is also why many independent experts and researchers warned governments that they are setting the most vulnerable up for a fall when the cold weather arrived (see previous posts).

In summer 2020, due to the flu season being over and the death rates reducing to seasonal norms (i.e. the end of the 2019/20 flu season), governments promoted through media PCR tests as CoVid tests, but, these are not diagnostic tests. These tests can return a positive result with any particle identified and the higher number of cycles using in the testing system increases the number of false positives. Concurrently, a number of samples from different individuals were/are grouped together during the test cycle, meaning that if one sample gave a positive, the entire group are declared positive for CoVid-19. Never in the history of medical testing has such a system been deployed were any number of people are given a positive diagnosis when only one sample shows signs of a particle. Never is the history of testing has a non-diagnostic test been used to diagnose people with a decease or used to decide the cause of death! The number of positive test results generated the ‘R’ rate, which was/is used by governments to justify further freedom restrictions, continued social distancing and use of face-masks. As a result, many people continued to self-harm, many healthy people attempted and committed suicide (including children), many vital medical appointments / treatments were postponed leading to additional suffering and early deaths, and many lives and businesses have been destroyed unnecessarily. In January 2021, the World Health Organisation (WHO) issued instructions to laboratories all around the world to ‘reduce the cycle count in PCR tests to get a more accurate representation of CoVid cases’ and they openly admitted that ‘the current cycle used was much too high and resulted in any particle being declared a positive case’. Considering, that we published ‘Making Sense of CoVid-19’ in April2020 declaring high false positive issues with PCR tests, it is clear that all governments, medical experts and the WHO knew these tests would give high false positive outcomes and thus incapable of giving an accurate representation of the state / cases of any decease it would test positive for, not that these tests ever will. (The statement by the WHO coincided with the mass roll-out of vaccines, which means the ‘R’ rate will begin to reduce in all countries giving the impression lock-downs, the vaccines and face-masks are working to reduce the spread of CoVid-19.) The inventor of PCR ‘Dr Kary Mullis’ even stated before 2019 that ‘if you run PCR tests long enough you can find anything in the body…it does not tell you that your sick or infected with anything’.

This, combined with the method governments instructed hospitals to classify the cause of deaths, i.e,. by using PCR tests or defaulting to CoVid19 as the cause of death (see previous posts), means the usual deaths caused by: flu and pneumonia have reduced dramatically, almost wiped out in just one year (when they should have, due to face-masks and fear levels, increased significantly especially amongst the ‘at risk’ category); some people who died of phase4 cancer, sepsis, heart decease, other respiratory infections, etc. were/are reported as CoVid death, even some people who committed suicide or died in accidents, but, had a positive test within 28days (originally, and for the first three months of the pandemic, anyone who tested positive but died much later) was reported of dying of CoVid-19 (still no answers as to why deaths have been recorded this way). Governments around UN member states ensured CoVid-19 took centre stage both in cause of death reports, infection rates and media propaganda for the express purpose of spreading fear through society. Even a maker of PCR (CoVid) tests, Dr Roger Hodkinson, stated November 2020 ‘the coronavirus pandemic is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public…There is utterly unfounded public hysteria driven by the media and politicians’, he and many others called CoVId-19, ‘just another bad flu’. (See previous posts and ‘Making sense of CoVid-19’ document for the reasons why it was important to spread fear into societies and to push for vaccines).

Will The CoVid Vaccine Help Prevent Deaths or is it a Placebo to Satisfy Project Goals?

The winter flu vaccine has been under development now for nearly 50years. The WHO estimates that of the 14million vaccinated in the UK with the winter flu vaccine, they expected around ~0.3% of those to die as a result, which is substantially lower than the average global yearly death rate of influenza (~1%), but this rate includes third world countries. During 2020, media and politicians all promoted further uptake of the winter flu vaccine and this with continued exposure to scaremongering in media, means even more people decided to ‘protect’ themselves from influenza, thus, the mortality rate for the vaccine should have increased. But, due to the way cause of death data has been collected there was no reported deaths from vaccines and very little deaths from influenza / pneumonia. In one year governments around the world have managed to prevent deaths from vaccines as well as from the usual winter killers if the data is to be believed! This readily available data is being block with freedom of information (FOI) and not even local MPs are able to acquire it (if you have one that remotely cares or even reads bills they vote on, as they have all financially benefited since the pandemic began), but, something other than CoVid or flu data then it does not appear to be a problem – although RT did report the UK government have commissioned a special group to purposely block some FOI requests to do with CoVid-19 – why? Then the question remains to what happened to all the regular cold, flu and coughing bugs which plague society yearly – they just disappeared, everything was declared a CoVid infection?

The earliest any brand new vaccine has been developed for any new decease and to make safe (with respect to death rates of the decease being vaccinated against) is just over a decade. In 2020, many pharma labs around the world developed, tested, trailed and made safe CoVid-19 vaccines, then an independent government agency (MHRA in UK) gave emergency clearance for the vaccines to be used all within a matter of 4-6months. In 2020, a ten year development cycle to make vaccines safe was reduced to several months. The only problem is the UK government, seemingly, already ordered millions of doses of these vaccines before the MHRA approved any of them, so it was already a ‘done deal’. With these vaccines, the UK government is well on their way to satisfy the UN Roadmap On Vaccinations project goals and satisfy their own profit and power agenda, as they, their friends, family and lobbyists are making £billions from all the PPE, vaccines, and other such CoVid safe systems and resources. These vaccines are hailed as a great achievement to science and even though they have passed strict safety trails and assessments, people are suffering extreme side effects (that caught the manufacturers completely by surprise because they trailed the vaccines so well that even in the first day people suffered facial paralysis and other effects) and many are reported of dying within several days of being vaccinated (re: Norway and USA), although none have been reported in the UK. If a vaccine that has been in development for over 50years is expected to kill 0.3% of those who receive it, how many people are expected to die from a vaccine which took several months to develop from the very beginning?; and is this the reason why special legislations to give legal indemnity was created? The government have ring fenced £23million to tackle what they call ‘fake news’ regarding the vaccine, you may have seen the social media adverts from the NHS dispelling what say are myths. The government and media have promoted the available vaccines are >95% effective and the leaflet they provide with the vaccine invitation is shown in Figure 4.


Figure 4 – Look at the Happy People

On page 3 of the leaflet it states: ‘There is no cure for CoVid-19’. On page 4, it implies ‘normal healthy people do not need the vaccine’. On page 6 it states: ‘The vaccine has shown to be effective and no safety concerns were seen in studies of more than 20,000 people’ – this sounds like an arbitrary number and the news reports prior to approval and what has been reported since declares this statement ‘a myth’. On this page it also states: ‘some people may still get CoVid-19 despite having a vaccination, but this should be less severe’ – meaning the vaccine probably does not stop you from becoming infected; and ‘should’ has been used not ‘will’ or ‘shall’ but a word indicating they do not know if suffering will be less severe with the vaccine. Page 7 explains the very common side effects of the vaccine which are the same symptoms of CoVid-19 minus the loss of taste or smell. It also states on this page that ‘if you have a fever or high temperature it may indicate you have a CoVid-19 infection.’ – how has this occurred? On page 9, it states: ‘you cannot catch CoVid-19 from the vaccine but it is possible to have caught CoVid-19 and not realise you have the symptoms until after your vaccination appointment’ – they appear to be concerned people are going to have CoVid-19 symptoms after the vaccine has been administered! On page 11, it states: ‘We do not yet know whether it will stop you from catching and passing on the virus.’ – Which all begs the question what is the vaccine >95% effective at doing and why have government vaccinated over 8million people (30/01/2021) and climbing when they openly admit they have zero evidence to prove it works, that it is safe, or know of any long term implications. This all sound like they are experimenting on people; and unfortunately this is not the first time this type of situation has occurred! It is clear, people do not know what they are volunteering for. They are making decisions based on sales pitches from governments who have spread fear through society and promises that cannot be proved with evidence or data.

The vaccines have been rolled out in care homes (around December 23rd 2020) and given to both residents and care home staff (95% have now been vaccinated – 22nd January 2021), who are now testing positive with PCR and as of January 22nd 2021 care homes are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of deaths. In fact, deaths in care homes have increased by 30% and deaths from (alleged) CoVid-19 now count for almost a 1/3 of reported CoVid19 fatalities. as seen in Figure 5. As can be seen, the number of deaths began to climb almost immediately after the vaccine was rolled-out in care homes, and continue to do so. On a personal note, some care homes I visit as part of my day job which have been CoVid free all the way through 2020 are now suffering from this very situation. Note: Helsinki as of the 18th January 2021 have declared Pfizer are ‘performing unauthorised human experiments’ with their CoVid-19 vaccine. Dr. Tehila Schwartz-Altshuler explains, “To say this is not an experiment is a lie”.

Figure 5

In January 2021, the UK government admitted there is no data available to say how effective the vaccine is at protecting people from CoVid-19. They admitted the vaccine does not stop anyone being infected or infecting others. Yet, they continue to promote it and with people being scared to death are willing to be tested upon with the vaccine which could potentially have devastating impacts to their health. It also means that people who have the vaccine still, based government legislations, need to social distance, wear face-masks and continue to have restrictions in freedom. So, since >99.6% of the population will survive easily from being infected with CoVid-19, and the overwhelming majority of people dying were expected to die soon due old age and / or prevailing conditions / illness (since the vaccine seems to kill those too weak to survive the virus anyway (according to Pfizer (see below)), what is the vaccine actually for? (£!). Moreover, when will freedom restrictions end, since being vaccinated has zero impacts in removal of restrictions?

Big Pharma along with the vaccine alliance spent years (decades) working with and lobbying The World Bank, the United Nations, UN national governments, the WHO, World Economic Forum and others. Together they produced the ‘Lockstep’ scenario (Philanthropic opportunities in a pandemic situation), which we all are experiencing in the real world right now. They, along with the group, produced the ‘Roadmap On Vaccinations’ project, which all UN nations signed up to several years ago in an attempt to save a failing business model for Big Pharma. All UN countries planned to counter vaccine hesitancy within a few years beginning in 2019 and ending in 2022 (see previous posts). Concentration is on vaccines due to the lower cost of development, testingandproduction; and less regulations means time to market and manufacturing costs are reduced significantly. The share of the market place for major vaccine manufacturers has not changed much in the last 5-6years, see Figure 6.

Figure 6

Just to give an indication of the ethics and morales of companies producing these vaccines, during the pandemic big pharma saw an opportunity to profit from treatments that reduced people’s time in hospital; they subsequently increased the price of successful treatments. In some countries that do not have free (at the point of contact) health care, some people could not afford these treatments, leading to prolonged suffering, early death or debt. Pfizer was one of the first to produce a vaccine, the first to the marketplace and one of the cheapest per dose (and can be argued one of the most dangerous). Their current estimate of revenue for the first order of CoVid vaccines are in excess of £15Billion. All the other vaccine producers are more expensive. Based on the costs gathered, all together Big Pharma stand to make well in excess of >£153Billion in revenue from their first orders of vaccines (this does not include profits from other CoVid related PPE or systems). With the added advantage of legal indemnity, if people die or suffer severe reactions or disabilities from vaccines, they still keep the profits (certainly is a massive incentive to lie about safety and effectiveness of their products – zero risk!). The project aim is to make governments purchase vaccines every year and coerce society to accept them. It is also why they want everyone in society, including those not at risk, to be injected with these vaccines and why the UK government has already ordered more than enough for the entire population – ‘we are all in this together’ is the phrase commonly used by government when the working class is coerced to hand over more money to be directed towards the wealthiest in society and accept worse Quality of Life as a result. Thus, to satisfy project aims and to stabilise Big Pharma’s business model has become as easy as creating new strains of virus every year (or the illusion of) to justify government spending tax payers money on vaccines. It appears decades of lobbying and networking is now returning huge dividends, so to is persuading governments to terrorise their own people into obedience.

The prevailing questions are:

1) How many people who have had this new CoVid vaccine have died of alleged CoVid-19 within 28days of being injected?

2) Has the vaccine reduced the lifetime of those in the ‘at risk’ category by artificially straining the individuals immune system to breaking point, much like a virus would?

3) Pfizer have already issued a statement regarding the reported deaths caused by the vaccine to the countries who have conducted proper coroner investigations and their explanation is ‘the people who received the vaccine were at the end of their lives and they were simply too weak for their body to accept the vaccine without complications’. So why is it OK for vaccines to kill people prematurely, but, not OK for someone not at risk from CoVid to not be vaccinated and have their lives destroyed by freedom restrictions justified by fake science and scaremongering?

4) If the vaccines are perfectly safe, like what the manufacturers and our governments are stating; why then would those countries, who did not have the legislations in place beforehand, create legislations to give big pharma legal indemnity against prosecution? The latter does not collaborate the former.

5) Why were readily available treatments, anti-malaria drugs, Ivermectin, Vitamin D, etc. all delayed and resisted purely for the push to have a vaccine? Was this to complete the UN project Roadmap On Vaccinations?

6) Why did governments destroy economies and lives of those who are are negligible or zero risk from the virus and why are they conditioning children who are at near zero risk from CoVid into a new normal? The answers to this can be found in previous posts re: The UN ‘Roadmap on Vaccinations’ project.

7) Are people still going to comply with government instructions when the death rates caused by people complying with every instruction, no matter how bizarre and nonsensical, during the CoVid crisis reach far more than the alleged deaths involving CoVid-19. Or will people still have absolute faith in the few in government that they just ignore these deaths that have been caused to satisfy government agendas?

I will close this post with the following:

Fear is the commodity of control. Take intelligent rational people and explain that vaccinating the entire population against a virus with a survival rate of more than 99% without a vaccine, and they will recognise that this is ridiculous and insane. But, take the same intelligent rational people who even understand scrupulous business owners and governments have agendas and profits to be made at people’s expense and scare them to death through media, education and political press conferences and they will automatically trigger their self-preservation strategies; and most will queue in line for a largely untested, experimental and unproven vaccine(s).

We all have the ability to research and check what we are being told. During this crisis, governments have ensured people are continuously scared by the threat of ‘one of the world’s deadliest’ viruses so people took the reports through media as ‘gospel’ and did not bother investigating the reality, as they perceived reality through media. The virus has now become a religion to many people. As such, governments, the very people who have lied and deceived throughout to spread fear through society, told people to behave in a certain way and people did. As soon as you behave in the way a small group of powerful people want you to (through fear or legislation), as soon as you believe what they want you to believe (through repeated media messages), and as soon as you think the way they want you to think (via repeated exposure to the same narrative and isolation from other information, thus, taking your responsibility for thinking away from you). You cease to be a free, independent, and free thinking individual. At this stage, government has enslaved you; and worse still, because you complied completely without question, resistance or exposure to alternative sources of information you have voluntarily become a slave. This is exactly what occurred in 1930-40s East Germany and saw the rise of the NAZIs – not too long ago; and what is occurring right now an all communist countries, especially China. We need to learn from history, not ignore it!

The calls of ‘fake news’ (or the new phrase ‘myths’) is now widely used by left-wing progressives, especially governments, global elites and corporate businesses, in an attempt to condition people to ignore other science, evidence and data, which contradicts their own narrative driven by those in power. Government’s, including the global elites, do not want people: question narratives, to behave like individuals, to be able to think for themselves, to be exposed to other information not explicitly controlled by them, to have the ability to analyse data, or to have control of their emotions for critical thinking tasks—these do not suit their interests.

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