CoVid-19 A Manufactured Crisis

How governments beat the 2nd Iraq War Hoax

What were all western governments doing for the several months before they informed mainstream media to inform the public about a new deady pandemic?  It certainly was not planning to protect the public or prevent any deaths?

When governments decided to inform the public, the public relation material and contemptible slogans appeared overnight.  Scaremongering was the order of the day.

To the majority, it came as a shock to the system.  The images and clips broadcast from media were shocking and terrifying –  but, that was the point!  Scared people are all too keen on giving up freedoms, becoming more subservient and obedient, for the illusion of safety and security.  It has always been used as an effective tool for control.  Even SARS-CoV-2 fell victim to it’s own artificially inflated deadly impact on society thanks to government and media propaganda.

It is true, governments made a choice to let the ‘virus’ spread, they made a choice to use it to fulfil a political and financial objective.  But, they insured people became addicted to regular daily updates to keep people distracted.

In may 2020, scientists concluded that the original estimate of 80-90% of people will be either asymptomatic or incur minor side effects more inline with a bad cold was conseervative; the actual figure is closer to >95% will be largely unaffected by the ‘virus’!

So why did governments stop the real science from being broadcast to people?  Why did they want people to continue to be scared, locked in their homes unneccessarily and why where children stopped from going to school?

There is a uneasy financial relationship between government medical advisors, who clearly did not believe their own rhetoric, and those who stand to gain £multi-millions if not £trillions from mandatory yearly vaccinations that medical experts have concluded we do not need.

Having the majority with this real scientific data and access to experts shouting at the top of their voices that ‘government are lying to you about the dangers’ would prevent this profitable business opportunity from going ahead.  This is why there is a programme of censorships online and in mainstream media.  And why they wanted people to remain in their homes to continue to illusion that hospitals were busier than usual.  They were not.

Mainstream media has been used to repeat the same lie day after day after day.  Eventually, a lie repeated continuously will eventually become true by the fact the majority think it is true! 

However, the UK government was a little slow issuing new instructions to hospitals about recording deaths, which is why UK death rate from CoVid-19 is higher than other EU countries.  Their manufactured crisis incured a timing error and CoVid-19 death rates got out of hand!!!

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