Covid-19 Deaths?

Justification for number of Covid-19 Deaths

Western Governments where aware of SARS-CoV-2 late in 2019.  They had time to inform and warn people of a new corona virus, had time to close borders or at least place quarantine strategies in place.  Scientist had already mapped the genetic make-up (genome) of covid-19 in mid-January.  They knew that this ‘virus’ would be dangerous to those in the at risk category; but they also knew that it did not appear to be more dangerous than what we face yearly with other common corona viruses.  A study done in France in February 2020 revealed similar mortality rates between SARS-CoV-2 and common corona viruses.  Thus, giving strength to original scientific hypothesis.

In March 2020, SARS-CoV-2 was removed from the high consequence infectious decease list.  There was no evidence that this new ‘virus’ is much more dangerous than others.  But, governments decided that it could be used for a political opportunity.  Hence, instructed hospitals to place Covid-19 on death reports without testing for it or patients showing any symptoms of the decease.

A predictive model was created by an expert who had a very questionable knowledge and skill set seeing that he has been wrong about most if not everything previously – it is good to have network connections in high places otherwise this guy would have been out of a job years ago.  This model, even though it gave drastically varying results every time the simulation was run was used to present to the public the number of expected deaths from the ‘virus’.  Although, the model was known to be fautly at best, it formed the basis of government’s justification to take people’s freedom away.  It would appear government decided it was upto them to ensure the number of deaths met or surpassed the simulated results, hence, the hosptial interference.  They succeeded by hook or by crook!  Even a known flawed test, as the tests are not looking for a virus at all (no gold standard to test to), was used to further the manufactured crisis created by government.

The total number of deaths still conclude that this year is a normal year, predicted and expected.  The only significant difference was the reasons for death had changed to be CoVid-19 rather the the real reasons for the unfortunate and tragic cause of death.

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