What Governments do not want you to know!

The following video is a follow-on from the ‘Making Sense of Covid-19’ (published in April2019) document found in the link below.  The video updates people on what governments along with the UN have been planning for some time (over a decade).  2020 was a pivotal year in persuading people in society to take their vaccinations.   It was also a year to tackle vaccine hesitancy and justifying producing a vaccination passport by 2022.  It also meant a massive business opportunity for big pharma to make £billions, probably £trillions for yearly vaccines for everyone.

Considerable amount of meetings occured in the last quarter of 2019, which concentrated on information governance and discussed many pandemic exercises.  It was unusual as these meeting rarely occured in close proximity to each other. 

One of those was ‘Event 201’, which discussed amongst other things how governments could control the narrative given all the communication mediums available today.  A snippet of what was discussed is shown below.  It is clear that censorships alone was not effective enough to ensure government narratives was being prioritiesed above all others.  So they use a method known as flooding.  Scientists, medical experts and real science are now being censored/banned and outnumbered by government and private partnerships. 

The war on freespeech and the real truth is now a very real problem.  The CoVid-19 pandemic has shown how effective flooding is in ensuring the majority in society (those that are unwilling to do their own research) follow blindly government led narratives; even if the narrative has no foundation in science.  Face masks and social distancing are prime examples of governments ignoring science and placing people in society in danger of becoming ill due to weakened immune systems by following blindly this government led advice. 

Gaining real knowledge and voting against big money mainstream parties now is more important than it has ever been to protect freedoms and society from authoratative control.

All the UN member states many years ago signed upto a roadmap to vaccinations.  The main task was to create the biggest combined database in the world that could hold the medical information of all citizens and create a vaccine passport.  Yes, this was a target well before CoVid-19 entered our shores. 

One of the biggest challenges was to combat vaccine hesitancy.  As can be seen, the document was updated in the last quarter of 2019, just before CoVid-19 became public knowledge.  The tight deadlines and 2020 and 2021 being key years to complete the project deadlines gives an indication that key members in governments and big pharma had both financial and political objectives in inflating CoVid-19 danger level. 

This document and meeting minutes should give a clear indication that 2020 was a key year for project timescales – the death figures and questionable recording of deaths should inform people that apart from the reasons of death, 2020 was not a abnormal year for the number of people dying every month.  The truth is governments could trigger the same scaremongering PR campaigns using state sponsored TV to create a societal reaction that would combat vaccine hesitancy.  It was just 2020 was the decided on year to trigger the campaign because all the ‘stars were aligned’; as explained in the ‘Making Sense of Covid_19’ document.

'Making Sense of Covid-19'
What governments and mainstream media did not tell you and did not want you to know.
(published in April 2020)

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For more detailed information regarding the lies and deceit regarding facemasks and / or coverings.  See the post published on 26th August 2020 in the link:  

It is now time for entire societies everywhere in all countries  to make their government legally accountable, but, also international organisations for this manufactured crisis.  People need to take back control on their own countries from those mainstream political parties and ideologies who have their own self interest in hand before we all pay the price for being too placid and passive.