History of Corruption with MSP

WHy do we keep voting to make our lives worse?

The British Liberal Provident Party (BLPP) has been created out of the fustrations of many lives being damaged by decisions of those the majority vote into power.

The consistent and consequitive lies, deceit and manufactured crisis of the last 45 years at least have divided society like never before.  Even now with the SARS-CoV-2 crisis – just another example of how easy it is for governments to manipulate the minds of millions with fake science and manufactured statistics.  This time they even involved innocent children in their political agendas.

The question of why people continue to vote for people, no ideologies, that simply do not care about anyone else but themselves and their mulit-millionare donors is a philosophical debate that still remains unanswered. 

Millions are aware that freedoms have been slowly removed and constrained for the last 30 year under the guise of safety, security and protection of minority groups; which have the property of powers consistently shifting to government.  Millions more are aware that their own voted in government are the ones instigating most of the troubles plaguing society and the ones causing massive social division.  Yet, people continue to choose either Labour or Conservatives for government when there is many more option to choose from.

Is it any wonder why these mainstream parties continue to betray, stab-in-the-back the majority; because the majority keep voting for them to continue to do so.  The majority have made it all too easy to be manipulated, it is not even a challenge for politicians or mainstream media to influence minds of millions.

Look at democratic societies globally, they are in complete disarray. Protests everywhere, quality of life reducing yearly, bankers and corporate businesses taking advantage of workers, wars, race hatred, over population, etc.  We are currently choosing the wrong path which will only end up in worse conditions for the majority who do not have the economic resources to move out of the troubled areas.

It is time for people to look back at their own countries political history and decide what future they want, what future they want for their children and either choose much of the same (continue the negative trend and more social instability and manufactured crisis), or choose something better!!

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