Hypocrisy of Government CoVid-19 Policy

Borders did not close?

The justification for taking people’s freedom away and for a democratically elected government to become totalitarian or authoritarian was justified by a few media clips showing people not using social distancing.  It is amazing how society can be easily manipulated into believing something based on a few media clips!

Lockdown occured with cheers and thanks from people ‘#thankBoris’. People were now under orders from a government that was ignoring science, ignoring scientific experts and ignoring it’s responsibility to govern for people, not for their own agenda.

Social distancing measures came about with little to no science supporting this action.  Advice to wear face masks, which is now becoming maditory of public transport on 15th June 2020.  When face masks do not even present a barrier the SARS-CoV-2, but does impair and damage the bodies natural immune system and this leaves the wearer more prone to illnesses due to reduced oxygen levels and increases in CO2 breathed in.

Throughout the lockdown, government allowed people to enter the country from ‘red zones’ – no quarantine, no tests, they allowed arrivals to go home on public transport. 

All government actions, apart from lockdown measures and closing businesses and schools, declared that this is not a deadly pandemic and it is these actions which is compatible with the science of SARS-CoV-2.  Other countries actions, in contrary to the US, and most EU, also proved the science correct – lockdown measures, social distancing and wearing face masks are not needed – we are dealing with something less dangerous than what we usually face on a yearly basis.

Many voices are now becoming louder (including many in the medical community writing open letters to many governments), but, instead of governments coming clean, they are doubling down and keeping the fiction / fantasy that SARS-CoV-2 is deadly.  They can prove it with artifically inflated death statistics, but the problem governments have is the number of people dying is not unusual; and many people and grieving family members know it has all been a manufactured crisis of government’s own making.

Oh did we forget to mention, anyone taking notice of the economic health expected a deep recession for the last 18months at least.  Is this one of the reasons why CoVid-19 has been used to distract people about the massive bailouts the banks and zombie-corporations have received again.  And a reason to help big pharma out to fulfil a hypotherical scenario done in 2010 – Lock-step and gain massive profits which obviously will be shared to certain key medical advisors.

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