Letters to Government about the Pandemic 3

This letter is to address the great concern why there appears to be a high number of miscarriages since the test and vaccination programs began.  The letter is also to ask why government are so keen on using the Lateral Flow tests, which are less accurate than PCR tests even if PCR tests where governed correctly, when they are sterilised with a known carcinogen.  The letter also repeats the true reality of the NHS and how CoVid-19 deaths have been recorded at the expense of other common deceases.  The letter also questions government as to why there have been no laboratory tests done to confirm the presence of the virus in any of the deceased.  There is also a summary of the pandemic at the end of the letter.

So what is going on?

Date: 9th April 2021.

Dear Miss Hollern, Matt Hancock, Nadine Dorries,

Further to my previous correspondence on the CoVid pandemic, I would like to inform you in greater details of the some of the issues regarding the data available, government narratives, vaccines and tests. All this information presented below can be scientifically proven and have full traceability. And all require explanation as soon as possible to clarify these points.

I would like to first start by emphasising the state of the NHS for the entire time the pandemic started, see figure below, which shows that the NHS has been far quieter in all areas. And point out that evidence of a deadly pandemic being in countries would first appear in health care patient number data. I would like to point out that even before government took emergency powers and locked the country down, there was no evidence of any deadly pandemic more dangerous than what we face yearly – emergency powers were taken and media broadcasts about a deadly virus ran continuously on the first sharp decline in NHS patient numbers in March 2020. This danger existed seemingly only though media broadcasts and political press conferences informing society of the ‘danger’.

 Patient numbers climbed to less than seasonal norms during the summer period (2020) when flu season was over and government released some lockdown restrictions, as can be seen in the graph. Even now, the NHS is still much quieter than what is was before the pandemic started; almost as though people stopped abusing the A&E departments and governments cancelled much needed medical treatments causing premature deaths due to locking down the country. There is no signs of a virus more dangerous than what we face yearly using NHS patient numbers. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your point of view, other health services in other countries, including those countries promoted on media, especially broadcast by the BBC, also show this very same trend – much quieter year in 2020 compared to previous and are still quiet.

This notwithstanding, since vaccines were introduced late Dec2020, the rise in A&E admissions and deaths have increased primarily due to the high uptake in vaccinations, hence, government’s own data (SPI-M-O Summary of easing restrictions, date: 31st March 2021) determines the vaccines are not only killing 1000’s of the most vulnerable, but are causing significant suffering for many others, not the virus itself – no deaths have been reported to the public as being due to vaccines or recorded as being from vaccines in government statistics, instead it appears the daily CoVid death rate has increased to account for these deaths since late December!

The PCR tests (what is being promoted as CoVid tests) are non-quantitative tests. They rely on amplification (cloning) and then the output in inferred from this cycle rate. From previous use of these tests in other viral outbreaks and knowledge given by the late inventor of PCR (Kary Mullis) anything over 25cycles(max) would be scientifically meaningless in medical terms (the recommendation has always been to use 20 cycles to identify any true infection and then results clarified by laboratory tests). In addition, any samples taken outside a clean environment would also be subject to contamination and the results would also be subject to error and in effect give false outcomes and there should be no grouping of tests – the overwhelming majority of samples were/are taken in places were contamination of samples is inevitable. Since the start, the cycle rates have been set anywhere above 35cycles, and some up to 50cycles – by the World Health Organisation’s own admittance (NHS have admitted a cycle rate of 40 is generally used in UK – the results are thus meaningless and do give very high numbers of false positives). Those experts who oversaw how PCR samples are collected in addition to approving cycle rates had prior knowledge the results would be meaningless in medical science terms and high false positives were predictable. These tests are the main mechanism for the damage caused to society, for the continued justification of emergency powers and why people are scared and thus coerced into being vaccinated – for the hope society would go back to some sort of normal, which government used as a further coercion technique.

The lateral flow tests (LFT), which give worse accuracy results than if PCR tests were used correctly, are sterilised with Ethylene oxide (EtO); the government has just order £2Bn worth of this test manufactured in China just this week (w.c. 5/4/21) . These tests are being used on both adults and children regularly (>twice a week), where the swabs are placed in the nose and mouths of unsuspecting people; and are planned to be used in entertainment venues, daily in workplaces and in schools. This chemical (EtO) is a known carcinogen. Exposure to this chemical can cause a variety of conditions such as Blood disorders, emphysema, nervous system damage, miscarriages, infertility; in addition to many types of cancers. There is currently a number of legal cases relating to exposure to this chemical, which has caused clusters of cancer outbreaks, birth defects and miscarriages. Again, government will be fully aware of the dangers of exposing people, and children, to this chemical or items that have been exposed to this chemical. Yet, are promoting this as a free test to use regularly for our own safety and get society back to a new normal.

The vaccines have caused numerous deaths and a number of blood clots in many countries across the world, there can now be no denial including a rise of 366% of miscarriages (from UK government produced data) due to CoVid vaccines or possibly the frequent use of lateral flow tests in the UK. If emergency powers, which were taken without any evidence to confirm Ministers claims of the existence of a deadly virus more dangerous than what we faced yearly, were not continuously extended; these vaccines would have to go through rigorous safety trails to be approved using normal MHRA procedures. This would mean that children, which for some inexplicable or justifiable reason are currently being experimented on, and many people would not suffer from immediate side-effect from the vaccines; and most likely any long term implications of the use of such vaccines would be more known. Note: there is still no evidence or data that remotely identifies that anyone under 65 and in good health needs any vaccine; and this is with using government produced data. However, the amount of money being made at the expense of our futures has now surpassed £1.5Trillion worldwide and governments have zero accountability for the damage being caused to the economy; they are giving money away to those who have lobbied for health passports for years. Note: the vaccines make the body fight some proteins identical to Syncytin-1, which is essential to placental growth. This might lead to miscarriages and infertility in some people.

I have also received confirmation just before Easter that throughout this ‘deadly’ pandemic there have been no laboratory tests done on those recorded as a CoVid-19 death to confirm not only the presence of CoVid-19 in the deceased, but, whether the infection was enough to overwhelm the patients immune system leading to death, i.e. was the actual cause of death. So on instruction from government from the very start, and with government own admittance to how CoVid deaths are recorded (see response from Nadine Dorries dated: 4/2/21), not 1 of the 126,822 people (gathered on 07/04/21) who have been recorded and publicly promoted as a CoVid-19 death throughout the pandemic have been confirmed as having the virus in their body at the time of recording the reason for death. This seems to be how all UN member states have governed the pandemic, with exception of a few medical practitioners in some US states and in some EU countries (in 2020) who re-evaluated cause of death and found only 10-15% of deaths assigned to CoVid-19 had any causation to the virus. It has to be noted the WHO’s guidance from the beginning was to action laboratory tests on a subset of people (deceased) to confirm presence and state of the pandemic. This situation does explain why the ONS has recorded CoVid deaths as ‘Involving’ CoVid-19 (for legal reasons) not the usual ‘caused by’ as it has been for several decades – because there is little evidence of any confirmation of the actual virus being present or being significant in any of the deceased when recording the reason for death. This also means that the actual death rate caused by CoVid-19 has to be zero. Ill repeat that: of the 126,822 people recorded as a CoVid death based on ‘though it likely a patient had CoVid-19’ (as of 07/04/2021) there has been no confirmed presence of the virus in any of the deceased at the time of recording the reason for death.

Lets put it another way (although inaccurate but places the pandemic in the correct context), flu and pneumonia deaths have practically disappeared since CoVid-19 was promoted on media (<98%), so it is safe to deduce that the usual deaths associated by these diseases have been recorded on the ‘involving CoVid-19’ category because these diseases do not disappear on the appearance of other viruses; and symptoms are difficult to separate from those associated with CoVid-19 – it is the main reason why lab tests are needed. Therefore, a proportion of deaths currently assigned CoVid-19 will have been caused by those usual diseases we face every year, generally, in flu season (the CoVid season follows the same curve and seasonal highs as usual flu seasons, as explained previously using government produced data). Hence, if we extrapolate the number of times flu or pneumonia (FoP) have been mentioned on death certificates every year in the last 5 years, considering we are concerned with doctor assumptions rather than quantitative tests to prove cause of death; in general, there is between 90,877 – 100,487 deaths a year(from ONS data) which have influenza or pneumonia (FoP) mentioned on death certificates. If we now use the knowledge about the current demographic of the UK, I.e. unprecedented (high) numbers of people >75. It is reasonable to assume the usual deaths where FoP is mentioned on death certificates would have been, in 2020/21, towards the high end of this range.

So, for the sake of argument, we can safely assume that over ~100,000 deaths would normally have FoP mentioned on death certificates in 2020/21, which from the start of March2020 on the assumption of any type of cold, flu, pneumonia or coughing bug symptoms using the identical procedure government produced for assigning CoVid deaths which is what has occurred; (if CoVid was never promoted on media) FoP would be assigned as the recorded reason for death at the time of death (i.e. involving FoP); incorrect be as it may, due to the absence of laboratory tests and proper corona investigations. Since during the pandemic the underlying health problems of patients have been ignored by governments own admittance (i.e, as per what has occurred with assigning CoVid-19 as the reason for death). That leaves ~26,822 deaths unaccounted for. However, the dubious, and planned, way CoVid-19 deaths were recorded, i.e. 28days of a positive PCR test no matter what the individuals actually died from (car crash for instance), was recorded as a CoVid-19 death never before 2020 has deaths been recorded is such a manner. This invariably means this figure reduces even more. Thus, it could be reasonable to deduce that less than 18% of deaths assigned to CoVid-19 has any causality to the virus itself and could in-fact be due to ‘guess work’ based on symptoms, meaningless PCR test results, and the 28day rule, i.e. cause of death could be emphysema, cancer, sepsis, suicides or many others – some of which, wrongly, have had CoVid-19 as the reason for death during the pandemic.

This also means CoVid-19 could be as mild as a common cold or as dangerous as yearly flu; both of which are dangerous to those in the at risk category. With government interference and instructions to hospitals there simply is no way to substantiate either claim. It has to be noted, all references and beliefs about CoVid-19 being dangerous is due to Ministers (who promoted the virus, used manufactured mathematical models, altered hospital procedures to favour CoVid-19 & took for themselves emergency powers without any real evidence of a threat more dangerous than what we face yearly) and continuous media broadcasts (who have a financial interest and received additional funding to promote vaccines) and various marketing promotions. There can now be no denial governments, UK included, have ensured as many deaths as possible that can be claimed as a CoVid death, have been – hence, there has been extensive corruption in data collection and the reason for the 98% reduction of FoP deaths, including a decrease in cancer, heart disease, sepsis, and many other common reasons for deaths since the pandemic started / was promoted (which can be assessed using government produced case statistics for these illnesses). It was/is like there is competition between UN member state leaders as to who could/can get the most CoVid deaths.

In summary, governments have promoted a deadly virus from the start, which has come around to match UN project timelines, and promised to save us as long as we complied with their instructions; have purposely used PCR tests with nearly double the recommended cycle rates leading to high false positives hence high number of cases; have lied about the state and status of NHS hospitals; have denied vital medical treatments on the premise of safety; have not informed people about the UN ‘Roadmap on Vaccinations’ project; have accepted the rise in suicides, domestic violence, the mental health explosion waiting to happen, and have economically damaged the country for generations to come; have dismissed claims about high number of deaths in care-homes shortly after vaccines where administered; and still continues the scaremongering narrative to coerce people to self harm with tests and vaccines to achieve a health passport system. And, government have managed to convince millions of people to ignore 40years of medical research and believe that a face-mask worth 20p (5masks for £1) (and other cloth masks with filters), which offers perfect breeding grounds for viruses and bacteria (hence increases the likelihood of a positive PCR + LFT result and illness (inc. long-term illnesses)), with filters that are far bigger than the largest CoVid-19 particles (which I have provided sizes of previously), can protect them and others from CoVid-19. All without government providing any scientific evidence whatsoever, because none exists although abhorrent, this is an incredible achievement in psychological operations bought about by continuous media scaremongering.

To repeat, we have tests which have been purposely configured to give misleading and false positive outcomes. We have Ministers and media who have lied about the NHS and other countries health systems. We have vaccines manufactured by a number of different companies that have been created, approved and administered within a matter of a few months, knocking 9.5years off the soonest development and approval time of previous vaccine productions amazing achievement to tackle a never before seen virus. We have a number of previously agreed upon UN projects all updated in 2019 following the death of Dr. Mullis (inventor of PCR), which concern the creation of a health passport with vaccinations of entire societies. We have the main funder of all organisations, governments, media, and spokesperson of the vaccine alliance, Bill Gates who from TV interviews has promoted using vaccines for population control, more specifically, for a 10-15% reduction in population numbers – and is receiving a return of investment never seen before at this scale. Lastly, we now have two mechanisms (tests and vaccines) that have matching side-effects, namely: miscarriages and infertility; not to mention other long term impacts of these mechanisms; and of-course other issues still requiring an explanation mentioned on previous correspondence.

Am I missing something? There has been tremendous damage to our society and it would appear all for nothing. There is a question of what type of virus is the government attempting to save us from: Is it CoVid-19 or overpopulation or the dreaded climate change? Or are they just attempting to profit using the same strategies created by the German Workers Party in the 1930s/40s. They appear to have borrowed the same slogan – fur ihre Sicherheit -‘for your safety’. Much like the Germans in 1930 convinced their own people to be experimented on, on the premise of protecting them and society from any biological threat released by their enemies; Government(s) appear to have convinced people to take vaccines for their own safety to protect them from a virus that has a 99.98% survival rate, were the virus is so deadly that 1 in 3 of us have no symptoms, were no-one is perfectly healthy any-more, and a virus so deadly that it needed government help to ensure it was/is assigned as the reason (not the cause) of death at the expense of the actual causes of death and the usual deaths associated with and caused by FoP. And government have used the exact media strategy invented by Mr Goebbels, in 1930s, by flooding every media outlets with continuous fear tactics to coerce people to be obedient and compliant – akin to a psychological operation. And they have done all this without actually providing with evidence of any substance that proves the threat exists, instead they have used ‘smoke and mirror tactics’, but, have spent considerable time and resources to ensure that the threat cannot be disproved – although there is substantial evidence that mechanisms, systems and tests have been and are being used to satisfy government narratives and to ensure truth is hidden.

Why else would laboratory tests not be needed for even a small fraction of deaths that might be from CoVid-19 to assess the status of PCR tests, the pandemic and the actual causes of death, why else would cycle rates be set too high, why else would repeated media messages be needed to convince people a threat is here. And why would governments use all their powers of persuasion to make people and children interact with a known carcinogen within a test when there is no evidence to show they need to be tested in the first place.

Again, am I missing something?

What is government, or Ministers, attempting to solve or accomplish, because they are risking people’s health and futures, not saving them from a virus? I would appreciate some answers; to give someone in government a chance to explain themselves, before I move forward.

Kind Regards,

Dr. Holden

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