The following is a letter sent to government on the response to the previous posts data, which we have been attempting to get some answers from government as to why they have not been honest about CoVid-19 virus from the start and have chosen to keep people ‘in the dark’ about the true realities of the pandemic.

5th February 2021.

Dear Miss Hollern MP, (cc Nadine Dorries MP)

Thank you for chasing up my questions to government and please pass on my thanks to Nadine Dorries.

I have however some issues with the response:

The medical community has generally followed correct checks and balances to ensure the subjective opinions are not used by themselves to record deaths (or even used on their own to identify cases of illness) – it is why tests along with an objective evaluation involving correct coroner investigations and tests are actioned. ‘Thought it likely that a person had CoVid-19’, and therefore was all that was needed to record CoVid-19 as cause of death is not the way correct procedures are setup or governed in hospitals. Real diagnostic tests and investigations, as per what has always occurred before 2020 and part of hospital procedures, are used to not only identify the impacts of deceases but also for correct data collection regarding public health. Why has this been allowed to occur throughout the pandemic when correct data collection and accurate assessments are needed to track the decease properly so correct courses of action can be determined? – the NHS has the resources to conduct these investigations properly, especially early 2020 when the NHS saw very low patient numbers, contrary to what we were told by media and government. Right now, no-one knows the full impacts of CoVid-19 because data has been collected based on government’s own admittance of ‘best guess’, when medical practitioners, due to fear spread by media and instructions given by authorities (to avoid delay in reporting), are more likely to default to CoVid-19 with any patient that has symptoms of the decease or not or without any diagnostic proof – by government’s own admittance. Leading to a decline of flu and pneumonia deaths worldwide of between 95-97% last year and zero deaths so far from these in the UK in 2021 – which is impossible; furthermore, how many people have been given the wrong treatment due to incorrect diagnosis? Resulting in data collection being corrupted, most likely due to ‘best guess’ being used rather than objective evaluations of the actual illness patients had/have and ‘best guess’ with the causes of death. This corruption of data collection has also used to justify freedom restrictions, destruction of businesses and livelihoods, and rising mental health issues throughout society.

There is still no answer as to why for the first few months of the pandemic, if people tested positive and then subsequently died of some unrelated reason much later their death was recorded as a CoVid-19 death and even now if they die within 28days of a positive test, even from a car crash for instance, it still is reported as a CoVid-19 death. Why? Again, this does not allow for an accurate representation of the impacts of this decease.

To be honest, the cause of death data just cannot be believed, there is so many ‘holes’, there is many different ways the data been recorded, including ‘best guess’ because CoVid-19 was around and popular; it is just worth discussing. There is no way anyone could stand in court and argue that the data is accurate representation of reality.

I gave information on PCR tests, not based on hearsay or social media accounts, but from actual scientific journals and research, especially from the guy who invented them. In no way have I said that PCR tests are fraudulent (but they are not CoVid tests) – they have been marketed in a fraudulent way to the public – that I will say and defend, it is unlikely government can defend themselves either from this statement. They are used to determine if there is any particle in the body that should not be their and the accuracy of them is determined by the cycle count, which by the World Health Organisation’s own admittance has been set too high throughout leading to high false positives. That been said, Nadine has not been fully truthful as to what PCR tests are for and turn positive for; and she could have used SARS-CoV-1 or influenza or many other deceases on page 2 paragraph 3 of her letter instead of SARS-COV-2. I would request a ‘yes or no’ answer to the following question: Are PCR tests, (aka CoVid tests) diagnostic tests (as in do they determine what decease (viral or otherwise) a patient is infected with)?

People have been wearing face-masks in the UK since May/June 2020, when winter 2020/21 came around many people, especially the most vulnerable, still died of alleged CoVid-19 – (I predicted as much in my first correspondence with you early summer 2020, and this was based on 40 years of scientific research regarding face-masks reducing the effectiveness of the immune system). Many other countries have been wearing face-masks before the UK and still they are in some form of lock-down. This is before any science is involved. If face-masks, social distancing and washing hands regularly work, why is the country still facing a deadly pandemic, in lockdown and many vulnerable people still dying? Then of-course why are no protestors who are not doing any of these things not getting ill or dying? Please, since government has the data readily available, provide the particle sizes that the most popular face-mask filters will filter out. Concurrently, please provide the maximum particle size of CoVid-19 in air and in water droplets as well as influenza particle sizes, also the sizes of bacteria and CO2. This will give an objective view of how effective or potentially dangerous face-masks really are at protecting against respiratory infections, such as CoVid-19. This is science. Science involves measurements and tests, not hearsay or ‘best guesses’ or anecdotal research based on ‘best guess’ statistics.

Nadine has negated to answer question 2 on the email in Ocrober2020 regarding NHS data, please I would like a full explanation:

During the height of the pandemic back in April 2020 when we were all told the NHS was a breaking point and overwhelmed (and we had people clapping for the service and tax money spent on Knightingale’s hospitals), it had the quietest period for decades in all areas including critical and emergency admissions with a drop of 24.8% in 2020 for the period of April-July compared to the previous year (and a drop of 8.9% in emergency admissions for the period of Aug2019-Jul2020 compared to Aug2018-Jul2019). Critical care treatment only went above ~200 more for entire NHS at one time compared to 2019 and lower than the high in 2018. (I have checked, this data does include CoVid critical care). Additionally, the average occupancy rates of beds available overnight was an all time low of 64.4% for the 1st quarter of this year compared with 88% in the 1st quarter of 2019. and this is with 10,170 less beds available compared to 2019.’

I would also like an explanation on the convenient timely arrival of CoVid-19 and the project aim of ‘countering vaccine hesitancy’ as part of the UN ‘Roadmap on Vaccinations’. Moreover, how did UK government expected to satisfy this aim without needing a publicly marketed virus to persuade (or coerce) people to take regular yearly vaccines?

I would also like an answer to the following question as in October 2020 email; and please bear in mind that just this week I had to stop my partner’s mother from being treated as a CoVid patient in hospital (she tested positive with rapid PCR), get her removed from a CoVid ward and placed on antibiotics to treat pneumonia, because the medical practitioners defaulted to CoVid first without investigating correctly – she is back home now within a few days but has to self isolate due to being placed on a CoVid ward and due to her ill health if she has contracted the decease she will most likely not survive:

How does medical practitioners identify the differences between Pneumonia / influenza and CoVid-19, when the main and first test being used to diagnose a patient is PCR?

There are many other questions that need answering but I need answers and explanations to the questions already asked; these answers are now outstanding – political spin is not answering relevant questions. This year we are facing more fatalities, especially in care homes now that vaccines have rolled-out – Lost a nice old lady I knew in a care home a few days after she took the vaccine. I investigated death rates in care homes and found >30% increase since vaccines were given. This should not be ignored, but it is on media and with UK government.

Perhaps you would be in a position to arrange a meeting between myself and Nadine or better, Matt Hancock (and his medical advisors) to discuss these issues and attempt to obtain some form of relationship between what is actually transpiring before our eyes, the science, the reality of the demographics of the country, the low risk the majority of people in the country face from CoVid-19 and actions taken by government, including some questionable research from Sage regarding ‘altering psychological behaviour’ amongst other issues.

I look forward to your response.

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