What Does The Data Show

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Anyone who reaches the end of their lives, especially when it is premature, is very sad and upsetting. It is our ability to mourn our loved ones which gives us our strength, but, it also makes us desperate to find anyway to delay the inevitable. It is this emotional aspect which leaves us all open to being manipulated by those wishing to take advantage for their own financial gain. To add to this, the latest data from the UK (from 2019) shows that ~>45% of people suffer some form of hypochondriasis (worry about catching a serious illness) and this is consistent to many other countries, thus, many people are easily and unduly alarmed or even convinced that they are about to be at mercy of a serious illness. People in this group are at risk of developing belief without evidence if it involves any threat of illness. This is why data and evidence is important.

The important characteristic in analysing data is to take emotions and feelings from the equation and see the reality of what is being presented from the data, evidence and science available. Feelings and emotions are strong characteristics of being human and can be used to cloud reality, especially when deaths are being discussed and when media campaigns are designed specifically to spread fear into society. These feelings can be and have been used for governments and corporate business benefit previously and in this manufactured crisis. The data prints a picture of reality, it informs of patterns and trends and ensures decisions are made based on facts. Data is also supposed to keep control of those in government so they do not go beyond their powers, which is why they have spent considerable resources to manipulate the data and sell a narrative to entire societies – media has been a powerful tool to spread scaremongering not based on facts, data or science and why real perspectives were never presented or discussed.

Note: UN member governments without any public debate signed up-to the ‘Roadmap on Vaccinations’ (RoV) project (which is part of the UN Sustainable Development Goals) back ~2016 with the end goal of producing a health passport and helping Big Pharma survive as they are currently being ‘financially choked’ by health & safety regulations. Over the years globalists representing big pharma have been lobbying government, their medical advisors, and international organisations to make the health passport become reality. One of the largest hurdles to contend with was the dramatic reduction of freedom that comes with it and how to get society on board with mass regular ‘potentially dangerous’ vaccinations. In Q3 2019, the roadmap was updated. 2020 and 2021 is scheduled to report on vaccine hesitancy. The predominant questions are: How do government’s tackle the problem of vaccine hesitancy? And how can they possibly win support for a health passport which goes against any aspects of freedom that millions of people fought and died for in the world’s bloodiest wars?

The flu season of 2020 in UK was the only time on record that deaths caused by influenza (flu) continued on a downward trend (red line in Figure1) along with other causes of death (e.g. cancer, heart decease, dementia, etc.) that should have seen large peaks during this period, but did not – this is because there is a special caveat as most influenza deaths were recorded in the CoVid-19 category as described by the ONS. Also, the 5year average (dashed lines in Figure1) continued on a downward trend. This is a common pattern throughout Europe. Generally, data statistics are collected and reported over a period of time after proper investigations are carried out. But, Covid-19 deaths (or more specifically deaths INVOLVING CoVid-19 for legal reasons (notice the importance of the word involving – it has been used because of wrongly defaulting deaths to CoVid-19 without investigating the real cause as instructed by government (this is documented), using known flawed tests that are not covid-19 virus tests and incorrect governance)) appear to have overshadowed other causes; and government interference, i.e. adding 10,000s of deaths over many month (especially from care homes) in May 2020 have shown high peaks in this data. Never in the history of data collection have there been deaths ‘involving’ something; deaths have always been reported as either ‘underlying cause, i.e. causality to the death’ or ‘mentioned on death certificates, i.e. death with something present’, this is shown in Table2– ‘Involving’ appears to specify that the real cause of death during this period has not been investigated as per correct procedures. Thus, the peak is artificial – it is only when investigating the causes and how the data is generated does the realisation that the data, which shows the dangers of CoVid-19 being one of the worlds deadliest viruses, is based on manipulated data collection and incorrect reporting driven by government instructions to hospitals. This can only be for express purpose of ensuring the data matched government narratives (this has also been reported in other countries and democrat states in the US which have been found to add numbers onto CoVid deaths for partisan political agendas).

Figure 1

The actual deaths caused by CoVid-19 during this period will probably never be known, but, as the data for CoVid-19 includes influenza, it can only be concluded that CoVid-19 is significantly less dangerous than what media is presenting it as (some doctors in ‘hard-hit’ countries on re-evaluation say only 10-15% have any causality to CoVid-19). However, even though the accuracy of the data is highly suspect, we know why the data has been produced in this way and we can still analyse it is relation to trends, patterns and real impacts. The discussion and data presented in this document also bring in doubt that CoVid-19 is a once in a lifetime pandemic – governments would not need to interfere in data collection, governance and hospital procedure (i.e. bypassing normal cause of death investigations and defaulting to CoVid-19) if the virus matched the presented dangers; the data would speak for itself without interference.

NOTE: As the data relating to CoVid-19 deaths from the ONS, due to government instructions to bypass normal hospital procedures, includes influenza (flu) plus all care home deaths plus some other causes of death including sepsis, dementia, heart disease, suicides, accidents, cancer, lung decease, etc. were automatically registered as a CoVid-19 death; and then considering that if a test was used it would produce more false results than real ones. Then you can only argue that the deaths caused by CoVid-19 is significantly lower than what the data identifies. Also, as Table1 describes, there are a number of different mortality rate figures along with CoVid-19 death statistics from UK government showing either our skilled people have lost the ability to count or corruption in data collection has occurred to favour CoVid-19 over other causes of death. This conclusion is consistent with countries (i.e. Italy) and various US states who have already re-evaluated the causes of deaths and found that only between 10-15% of recorded CoVid-19 deaths have any causality whatsoever to the virus.

The graph on the left in Figure2 shows the number of deaths assigned to each age group from ‘alleged’ CoVid-19 in the England and Wales (with flu and other causes as all CoVid-19 deaths are recorded as INVOLVING CoVid-19 for legal reasons) from the start of the year to 11 September 2020. As can be seen, you cannot intelligently argue that young children and teenagers are affected by the virus. So why roll-out regular tests and close years groups and schools down on a ‘false’ positive test result from a known flawed test (see ‘Surely Testing is Keeping People Safe’ below)?, why make them wear face-masks and why keep them in their own bubble and damage social interactions at such a young age? There is no evidence anywhere in the world that points to children being in any danger from the virus, there is no evidence anywhere in the world that says if they (or any adult) are asymptomatic they infect others. The only evidence and trend that is shown is, like other common corona viruses (flu), those who live poor lifestyles and those in the ‘at risk’ category (>60) need to take extra precautions in the winter months, i.e. as in normal flu seasons. Thus, no evidence or data indicates that children and healthy adults have any need for regular testing or vaccinations as their immune systems appear to be more than adequate to protect them from CoVid-19, just like any other 150 corona viruses around in flu season.


This does not dimmish the threat of CoVid-19 to some groups of people (those in the ‘at risk’ category), but, the overwhelming majority are in little to no danger from CoVid-19. This only confirms what many European and US governments knew from studies and research before any lockdown legislations were created and put into force in March2020. The outstanding question is were is the evidence, data and science which justified damaging the economy, ruining many businesses and financially bankrupting millions of people under the premise of a deadly pandemic? Another important question is with reports of the number of tests being used to record cases rather than the number of individuals taking the test, has the number of people who died during Q1-2 2020 been counted both in the CoVid-19 category as-well-as, for example, cancer; in which case duplicating the data used to generate the mortality rate?

What was known to governments back in 2019, before the RoV timelines were altered (specifically for vaccine hesitancy) was that several countries have a rapidly ageing population – the same countries that have been promoted through mainstream media and the same countries which had a well-below mortality rate than what was expected in 2019. In the UK, for instance, there are over 12.4million people aged 65 years and over and 1.65million are over 85 years of age; in England and Wales there are 11.4million people over the age of 65 and 1.5million people aged 85 and over and is climbing as can be clearly seen on the right in figure2 above. What the majority of people is unaware of was expectations that some countries (the ones mentioned on media) would have a bad year with mortality rates (more people tragically dying than previous year – see Figure 3) and it is unlikely that CoVid-19 had little to no impact on the outcome. Trends can be used to predict the future and as can be seen in the graph of Figure3 2019 had much less than expected number of deaths in England and Wales (i.e. well below the brown trend line). This pattern was seen in several other countries. Some Governments knew there was a statistical likelihood of a high mortality rate in 2020, whilst others knew they would not.

Figure 3

The current trend and patterns up until 11th September 2020 are seen in Figure4 below. For mortality rates to hit 2018 levels there need to be an additional 104,694 deaths in the last 3 1/2 months of 2020. Unfortunately, the projected number of deaths due to the increased number of people in the ‘at risk’ category, especially >85 years of age, (from the trend line of the Figure 3 above) is expected to reach higher than 539340 – an estimated >550000 for the year.

But, this does not mean there is a deadly virus around; it sadly means some people have reached the end of their lives and there is little anyone can do to prevent it.


To examine the data and see a prime example of government mis-managing data collection and reporting, the table below shows how the registered deaths in England and Wales of ‘INVOLVING’ CoVid-19 far outnumber the number of UK wide registered ‘INVOLVING’ CoVid-19 deaths within 28days of a positive result using a known flawed PCR test (see below). Using the UK wide figure, the data shows than only 0.06% of the population have sadly died from’INVOLVING’ CoVid-19 and the mortality rate only goes over the average mortality rate globally for yearly flu for the over 85’s; with almost no impact on those under 55 years of age – that is children and people at working age. In essence, knowing that a positive result does not mean the individual has CoVid-19, knowing that routine investigations and examinations were bypassed and CoVid-19 placed on reports, and knowing that government added 10,000s of deaths onto CoVid-19 on a whim in April 2020; CoVid-19 does not appear to be more dangerous than the other 150 corona viruses we face yearly. Unfortunately for the health of society, this is consistent to the data collected from other countries before UK government issued any lockdown in March 2020, before CoVid-19 was removed from the High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID) list from the results of a clinical trial in March 2020; and before face-masks and social distancing which are not supported by the scientific community was ordered in May/June 2020. There is little to no evidence which supports the claim of CoVid-19 being a deadly virus to everyone at all ages.

Table 1

Table 1 indicates how badly data has been managed regarding CoVid-19. Data collection and recording is mixed with flawed test results and the current ONS data used to generate Figure 1 for England and Wales shows over 10,000 more deaths than the entire UK for INVOLVING CoVid-19. Just to compare data collected for the CoVid season which spanned 38 weeks with previous flu seasons (2015-2017) which spanned 18 weeks each from stable data acquired from the ONS. Table 2 shows the differences between dying due to something and something else being mentioned on the death certificate. Notice the difference in the underlying cause and influenza being mentioned on the death certificate. Unfortunately, these types of distinctions have been impossible to gather from the first two quarters of this year due to government interference in hospital processes to favour CoVid-19 on death certificates just so media can broadcast the number of deaths associated with CoVid-19 daily. Do people know how many people die every day, especially in flu season? – because over 90429 deaths with influenza mentioned on death certificates certainly sounds more dangerous than 41862 ‘INVOLVING’ CoVid-19 deaths over a much larger time period. Would society have been scared to freely give up their freedom and be under house arrest knowing this type of comparison data?

Table 2

No matter how sad and tragic it is the more people who are in the ‘at risk’ category, especially the elderly, the more statistically likely they are going to die due to their body being too weak to fight off any additional stressors. We all are aware of this trend and governments was prepared for it. But, a deadly virus should have shown in every country, the number of deaths for all people of all ages should be high. But most countries, which governments and media failed to mention to give people real perspectives, had what can only be described as a very-mild flu season, e.g. Finland, Hungary, Norway, Belgium, etc. because of two main reasons: 1) higher than expected mortality rates in previous year(s) and 2) A low ageing population (i.e. not many people in the ‘at risk’ category), which will be shown on trend data further in this document.

Researching previous years data for trends in many countries including the UK, the number of deaths, although tragic, are not unusual (predictable and expected) and the 5year trend line in Figure1 for both mortality rates and influenza deaths illustrates that previous years death statistics, especially for influenza (flu), is worse than in 2020 and this is a common conclusion and pattern in all other UN member states including those countries that never used any preventative measures (Note: The peaks occurred in April when UK Government automatically added 10,000s of ‘alleged’ deaths from care-homes without any investigations as to the cause and when reports of duplicated deaths began to surface). Governments never locked the country down or forced people to wear face-masks, social distance or stop vital medical treatment for people who needed them in the past. Nor was there any media campaign to scare people about a deadly virus, when the data shows that previous years were far worse and far more deadly (re: 2000 and 2018 seasons in the UK). (Note: I visit many care-homes in an alleged ‘hard-hit’ area as part of my day job and none of them have experience high number of deaths out of the ordinary but all are frustrated that many deaths were assigned CoVid-19 by default; but, they also noted that suspected CoVid-19 patients were transferred into care-homes on instructions from government (this also appears to be a common story in many countries). Many hospital staff in this ‘hard hit’ area also reported being ‘bored-to-tears’ during their shifts and again this appears to be common theme up and down the country with the exception of a few areas which have a large elderly population. To add to this not many people know of anyone who has died or become severely ill from the virus and we all know how much time hospital staff have had to rehearse their well documented dance memes.)

It is almost as if there was no constant reinforcement from media channels about the number of deaths (and now the number of cases) or no CoVid-19 campaign materials all around (and commercials didn’t go on and on and on) about CoVid-19 (or coronavirus); or government ignoring decades of science and instigating lockdown measures; the overwhelming majority of the public would not even know this ‘deadly’ pandemic was here. This seems to be a familiar experience among many throughout UK, Europe and many states in the USA, based on social media accounts. It also has to be noted that many people are projecting what is presented on mainstream media even though they or anyone they know having no direct experience of this ‘deadly’ virus. Nothing adds up to a deadly pandemic worse than the other common corona viruses being here and as explained through this document the data also does not (struggles to) confirm the legitimacy of government(s) claims.

The belief in something generated from media coverage and political press conferences does not make that something real; data, science and evidence confirms the threat along with how the data was collected and reported.

What does the Data Say About Governments Actions

Going to back to March 2020: Where was the evidence, science and data which justified any lockdown legislations (ignoring daily media and political press-conference coverage)? Experts / virologists studying CoVid-19 determined the virus was just as or less dangerous than other respiratory infections – hence removal from the HCID list in March 2020. There was no substantial data from other countries which showed anything out of the ordinary – media coverage is not evidence or science.

Presently: What evidence, data and science is available to continue with lockdown measures: Using governments own ‘manipulated’ data there does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary in any country anywhere in the world – apart from government interference in data collection and reporting to favour CoVid-19. There was and is little to no evidence (or data) which shows CoVid-19 as being one of the world deadliest viruses more dangerous than what we face yearly! – media coverage is not data, is not evidence and is not science.

So why does it appear that UN member governments (not all) are being so dishonest, corrupt and making people wear ineffective face-masks which carries the risk of increasing the number of infections? And why was this year chosen rather than previous years?

Going back to the predominant questions:

It is all about project timelines! The UN Roadmap on Vaccinations (RoV) project has been ongoing for years and their project goals were updated in Q3 2019 (it has been ongoing since <2016, so why was the timelines updated in 2019? The answer can be found in mortality rate trends which appear to have given a predictive trigger for many countries that a bad flu season was upon them, which is discussed later). 2020 and 2021 is scheduled to tackle something to do with vaccine hesitancy, to justify vaccinations to help big pharma profits and to begin selling the idea of a digital health passport; and bring in authoritarian control of entire societies. The UN, along with GAVI and the world bank, has already produced scenario driven research (sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation) into philanthropic opportunities in a pandemic situation (see ‘Making Sense of Covid-19’ document). The research provided guidance on how to ensure a few in government could take control of entire societies. With the stages taken by governments matching the stages within this research, which required damaging the economy temporarily (banks (the failing European economy) needed bailing out anyway and with most countries £trillions in debt a few more £100billion isn’t going to make much difference, especially when there is money to be made and power to be gained from the majority’s expense), quarantining perfectly health people for a short period of time and media campaigns to scare people into believing a deadly virus that could kill anyone of any age was here.

To do this they need:

A predictive trigger that a bad flu season was around-the-corner and a problem that vaccines can solve. A marketed deadly Virus which could be justified by mortality rate figures! New types of corona virus comes along regularly and many experiments have been conducted on how to produce one and China, as in the lock-step scenario, was ground zero for this new CoVid-19 virus. And as discussed later with government produced data, the ‘stars were aligned’ for some major economies to have a bad flu season – (many meetings discussing pandemic situations also took place in Q3 2019 involving UN member states, the vaccine alliance and the world bank.) They also need to ensure that the problem was managed by a few government members, so a state of emergency needs to be called to justify legislation being made by a few ministers who could control the information. They also need to suspend the democratic process until completion of project goals.

They then need to create the conditions to sell the goals of RoV project. So, a global reaction is needed. All UN member governments needed to work collaboratively to sell the idea that a deadly virus is here (unfortunately, Sweden and a few others obviously went rogue or never got the memo). Mass Media campaigns are used to take advantage of people’s emotions and feelings to scare entire societies into complete and total obedience; and sell the idea that a health passport is the only way out – using the same methods developed by Mr. Goebbels in East-Germany in 1930’s. They then need to ensure the statistics matched the narrative of a deadly virus, so manipulation of the data is needed as explained above. Ministers and media have to ignore real data, evidence and science; ensure those countries not predicted / expecting a bad flu season are not discussed; and silence or quieten out other voices – the police need to be used to control dissent and those broadcasting real data and fact to the public. As summer comes around and viruses die, they have to ensure the danger is extended and to lay the foundations for winter (2021). The Rockerfeller research required society to social distance and wear face-masks for prolonged periods of time and to continue scaremongering to wear people out to ensure immune systems were more susceptible to infections to artificially create further waves and impact mortality rates more in the following year to further justify vaccines and the health passport. So legislation are needed to force people to wear them even though face-masks increase the risk for everyone; and media again was used to sell fake science that they will protect people. Additionally, using flawed tests which give a high degree of false positives are to be used to create a CASEDEMIC; and children which are unaffected by the virus, needs to be involved to continue to sell the illusion of danger, for some other sinister purpose regarding conditioning them to an ab-normal and to increase the rate of false positives.

Then a solution is offered that happens to match the RoV goals. A miracle vaccine and a health passport. A vaccine that generally takes over 10-15years to develop and this is after the virus has been purified. But the covid19 vaccine will be ready in less than two years – before the virus has been purified or when a test for the virus is developed. The health passport will ensure that people are regularly tested and vaccinated to help Big Pharma profits. And people will be under the mercy of whomever is governing the passport itself.


To protect big Pharma, legislations are being created to ensure they will not be liable for any damages and be justified as the vaccine is needed to protect society from a marketed deadly virus of CoVid-19 (biggest threat the nation) and this needs to be rushed through to keep people safe – without the vaccine society will not return to normal and social distancing and wearing of face-masks will be compulsory until adopted. This means that any suffering people face by being vaccinated, including possible infertility, death, disability, etc. , will not have any legal discourse.

The RoV project, which seems to be what governments are managing has terrorised entire societies using and abusing people’s feelings and emotions to achieve political and corporate goals, which will have extremely damaging consequences to societal health. We are all being treated as faceless assets, a number, which is why government leaders (political elite) continue to play with our lives irrespective of loss; just as long as they gain.

This is what society gets when people continue to vote in wealthy elites who simply do not care about you. They care about themselves, their own ego and status. It is a game to them and people are pawns to play with to increase their wealth and for their own amusement. And they are most likely laughing as to how easy it was/is to make all this happen. Unless people wake up we will all suffer severe ramifications.

So what other evidence is available which shows CoVid-19 is not as dangerous as our national government says it is?

Governments have all been explicit in ignoring decades of research and advice (i.e. data, evidence and science) from the World Health Organisation (WHO) on how the manage a pandemic. As mentioned previously, they all ignored scientific studies regarding CoVid-19 completed in Fed 2020, and expert advice from virologists studying the virus. About 7 weeks ago, the WHO changed it’s own decades-old advice on quarantines, face-masks, and social distancing without any new science, evidence or data to justify the changes; the WHO changed it’s advice so it matched what government’s were legislating for in their own countries – they changed their advice on political pressure alone. (The WHO’s main funders just so happen to be the groups involved in producing the Rockefeller research and key stakeholders in ‘The Vaccine Alliance’, which will see a return of investment if mandatory vaccines are legislated for.)

Moreover, some UN member government’s (including UK’s) continue to ignore their own data and evidence, which confirms what we knew before any lockdown measures were instigated for back in march – there is nothing unusual about the trends or patterns regarding mortality rates, nothing unexpected, and nothing which points to CoVid-19 being a deadly virus and a danger to everyone at all ages. They continue to ignore the dangers of face-masks, social distancing and lock-downs on the economy, businesses, people’s mental and physical health; and intent on punishing any dissent using totalitarian legislations. They continue to promote the use of flawed tests and spending £10millions of our and our children’s money of media campaigns to promote track and trace technology (and continuing scaring society with CoVid-19), which also happens to be the end goal of the RoV.

So how does the data prove what is occurring is manually driven by government and Repetitive Media Campaigns

CoVid-19 has been sold by governments as a one in a lifetime deadly virus that is comparable to the Spanish flu pandemic, but, when we consider the impacts to other countries, the pandemic had little or no impact on all-cause mortality in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria and all the Eastern European countries.

Let us examine the difference between the Spanish flu and CoVid-19 using data from Sweden, a country that instigated minimal safety procedures unlikeother UN member countries. As can be seen in Figure 5, CoVid-19 came nowhere near the spike driven by the Spanish flu many years ago. In fact looking at the data, it only shows a minimal impact compared to previous years. The impact it did cause can be cross-referenced to the number of vulnerable people in the at risk category and not a surprise to anyone (including government) who is aware of the trends regarding mortality rates.

Figure 5

Surely Testing is to Keep People Safe?

Governments are pushing for people to have a coronavirus test (they are not CoVid-19 tests as one has not been developed yet and the authorities are in no rush for one). The overwhelming majority of people are having tests not because of symptoms but because of the fear driven by fake science, fake data and scaremongering through media outlets. Children, even though all the evidence in all countries all over the world and data conclude are unaffected by CoVid-19 and do not infect others, and adults (most of whom have no symptoms or regular coughs and colds) are being used as tools to increase the fear through society that the only way out of this is for a miracle vaccine. The test results which turn positive are being reported as cases of the virus, where symptoms may or may not been reported. These are cases of POSSIBLE infection as measured by PCR tests, which in turn have uncertain levels of accuracy (remember no test for CoVid-19 has been developed yet and will not until ~1-2years after the virus has been purified). NOTE: SARS-CoV-2 infection (CoVid-19), including when it is erroneously reported from a false positive in a PCR test, does not equal CoVid-19 disease. However, it is the positive result which drives the ‘R’ rate up and gives government an excuse to issue unnecessary lockdown measures and make people self-isolate for 14 days – it also strengthens the reasoning that a vital miracle vaccine and a digital health passport is the only way to be safe. Governments and media all too happy to remain silent of the accuracy levels of PCR tests and not informing people that the test is not a CoVid-19 test. The question is why are people not realising that face-masks and social distancing do not appear to be making much difference in the number of cases? or realising that countries not wearing muzzles are perfectly fine and do not have issues with this ‘deadly?’ pandemic.

Many studies evaluating the specificity (accuracy of finding what the test is supposed to be looking for) of tests show marked differences between studies and between the source of specimens, with throat swabs in one study showing only 32% specificity for throat swabs against 63% of nasal swabs. Real-world test results for false positives (where an uninfected person is erroneously given a positive result) and false negatives (where an infected person is erroneously given a negative result) are also all over the place – have you got a coin so you can guess if the result of a toss of the coin is a head or a tail will probably yield more accurate and correct guesses. Various studies have found such errors for either false positives or negatives to be highly variable, regularly exceeding 50% .

If you would like to read exactly what PCR test are and why they should not be used as decisions making mechanisms in pandemic type situations see:


Are you infectious if you have a positive PCR test result for COVID-19?

So why have government been pushing for people to have a coronavirus test (PCR test) when they are fully aware of the accuracy of the test in producing false positives?

There are many instances in the past where governments have wanted society to be panicked about viral infections. PCR tests have been used in all the cases. Some of the recent ones are H1N1 and Swine flu. Where PCR tests once again showed inaccurate and incomplete data which illustrated how powerful the tests are in falsely identifying the current state and status of a pandemic or epidemic situation as well as the actual virus it is designed to find. Again, media was used to spread fear into society and to conveniently miss out vital and important information in order to spread fear. Click the link below for a brief summary of a swine flu epidemic just to give an idea of how powerful PCR tests and media are in driving what is called a CASEDEMIC after the epidemic/ pandemic ended.

To put a casedemic in a simple context; it is when PCR (or other type of tests) are used to drive the context of a possible pandemic or epidemic. It is when data or cases from test results show the rise in the number of cases of a virus but the overwhelming evidence shows little impact to mortality rates. To give an example of what this looks like take a look at Figure 5 below.

Figure 5

Figure 5 shows a clear example of what a casedemic actually is right here in the UK using CoVid-19. It is when tests are used to give the illusion that an epidemic or pandemic is here. As can be seen the greater / higher number of PCR tests are rolled out (Blue) there is a greater chance of a greater number of ‘false’ positives (Green), but, the mortality rate (number of deaths) continues to drop (Red). It is an expected result as with previous trials (i.e. HiN1); this is the exact pattern that was seen when the pandemic had long since gone but the tests gave the illusion that the pandemic was still around and that a 2nd wave has arrived; when clearly it was not the case.

When the flu season 2020 passed, the number of deaths decrease, but as we approach winter again the number of false positives (positive results due to other causes not relating to the virus the test are supposed to be testing for) start to increase. It is this pattern that will be all too familiar to government and their medical advisors and it is nothing to panic about or that would justify local lock-downs of towns and cities. To place this is a greater context look at Figure 6 below from Germany.

Figure 6

The flu season shown in Figure 6 follows the typical GOMPERTZ curve as per typical influenza epidemics, as can be seen on the left of the graph. (It is the main reason why CoVid-19 is not what is being presented through government channels and through mainstream media because it follows usual observed pattern). As summer came the number of deaths decrease as per usual. Once the cold weather began to arrive and the number of flawed test rolled-out increases the number of cases begin to rise. These number of cases are due to the tests driving the results not the virus(s) themselves, i.e. a CASEDEMIC.

Note: How the influenza epidemic in Germany 2017/18 was far worse than the CoVid-19 crisis – no lockdown, no muzzles, no social distancing were ordered only a few years ago. (It is because the regular patterns were observed, the predictable number of deaths was not exceeded and due to the number of people in the at risk category – just like most countries this year (2020) including the UK.

What about the UK, what is driving the justifications for Lockdown?

Figure 7

Once again we see the GOMPERTZ curve on the left hand side of Figure 7 as per typical influenza seasons. It is this typical curve seen yearly which gives government the information they need to sell CoVid-19 as a deadly virus and the information needed to sell those all important excess deaths rates which UK government created themselves by artificially inflating the data as explained above and in our ‘making sense of CoVid-19’ document. NOTE: There are many instances of governments manipulating data and counting number of tests not the number of people with respect to tests taken, thus, inflating the number of cases.

Once the warm weather began to arrive the number of deaths fall to predictable low levels – almost disappearing altogether. But the PCR tests are still producing a high number of CoVid-19 cases. Again, government and it’s medical advisors, along with the WHO, knew this would occur and knows it does not mean the virus is still here or is harmful as explained above and the impacts of cases show this to be the case. But, the number of cases produced by a high number of ‘false’ positives gives the illusion to continue to justify social distancing and muzzles; along with local lock-downs, which as explained was already preplanned as part of the lock-step scenario.

Notice also, it was not until mass roll-out of tests to schools and mobile testing stations did the CASEDEMIC begin to rise. Notice again the little impact on deaths on the right hand side of the chart. The PCR test, which are completely flawed and not even looking for CoVid-19 are giving the illusion danger is still here. Governments by promoting a known flawed test (and knowing what the outcome would be) and the general public (by flocking to be tested) are driving the illusion of CoVid-19 infections.

How Did Other Countries Mortality Rates Fair. Are there Signs of a Deadly Pandemic?

The best method to identify the true implications of a pandemic is to look at the mortality rates; that is the number of deaths for any reason. Although, again because of governments manipulating data during the CoVid-19 crisis / flu season the accuracy is bought under question but as with influenza and CoVid-19 data we have to work with the data government collects. Looking at mortality rates over the previous years for those countries which did lockdown restrictions, face-masks, social distancing and compare the data to Sweden which used minimal precautions.

In Sweden (top left of Figure 8), for the period between 2017-1019 the mortality rate trailing average remained above the (dashed) trend line of expected deaths and then had a ‘trough’ (much lower than expected) between 2019-2020 (which was predicted and expected from 2017-2019 data) and then showed a sharp spike of deaths with CoVid-19 towards the far right of the graph. The 2019-2020 period could be seen as temporary reprieve for those in the at risk category but the statistical likelihood of mortality rates once again going above expected. (The opposite trend is also a common pattern as seen later.) Therefore, the Swedish government knew due to having previous knowledge of trends / patterns that the flu season early 2020 was expected to incur higher than normal death rates when considering the number of people now in the at risk category, but nothing unexpected or unpredicted. It is for this reason why they most likely practised minimal precautions as the mortality rate levels reported was already predicted from previous data.

Note: The trend line does alter gradient over time. The trend line, previous years mortality rates, the deviation (difference away) from the trend line in previous years and number of people in the at risk category (chronic illness, old age, etc.) are predictors of future events (in this case mortality rates).

It is the same pattern for the other three countries shown in Figure 8, which practised draconian / totalitarian quarantine orders and instructions for face-masks and social distancing – the previous year showed a huge trough so it was expected that 2020 or 2021 flu season would result in mortality rates being higher than expected. UK and Spain (including a few other countries not shown here) had huge troughs in the previous year (see trends at top of page), so a bad flu season was expected; notice how the Netherlands trough wasn’t as deep, so the impact of CoVid-19 more matches Sweden and less than Spain and UK. Hence, what occurred in these three countries could be seen as predictable and expected from previous trends and patterns.

Governments know these predictors and statistical likelihood patterns presented by the data and the countries mentioned on mainstream media all had one characteristic in common -They all possessed a deep ‘trough’ in the data in the previous year and as a result had a high number of people in the at risk category especially those >80 years old, which so happens to be the mean age of those who allegedly died from ‘INVOLVING’ CoVid-19. This is also the reason why mortality rate curve from CoVid-19 deaths has a steep slope for those less than the mean age (See figure 2).

The Roadmap on Vaccinations (RoV) project has been ongoing for several years but to tackle vaccine hesitancy needed the right conditions, they needed to wait until the data predicted a future bad flu season for several UN member countries. The predictors using these charts and the number of people currently in the at risk category gave the ‘trigger’ to begin this project goal. It also helped to have prior knowledge that most countries mentioned on mainstream media all had a rapidly ageing populations. In essence, the deep trough seen in 2019 in several UN countries along with the increases in people in the ‘at risk’ category gave a strong indication that something big, with respect to ‘number of deaths due’, was about to occur in the following year (2020)- the trigger for tackling vaccine hesitancy was here, hence the sheer number of meetings and the updating of timelines of RoV project in Q3 2019.

Figure 8

There was just one problem, a deadly pandemic needed to affect all countries, so other countries data (the other majority) which predicted a very mild – mild flu seasons had to be purposely kept from the public; and media had to be ensure no perspectives was given to people regarding those countries who were statistically unlikely not going to be struggling with high mortality rates this year or show any signs of a deadly viral pandemic.

Analysing some countries that practice little to no lockdown measures – we compare again to Sweden’s data in Figure 9. We can see in Hungary (top right) previous years mortality rates were quite a bit higher than expected, so it came of no surprise that a ‘trough’ was expected and sure enough during the CoVid-19 ‘deadly’ pandemic a trough is seen (low death rate compared to previous years). Finland (bottom left) continued to enjoy a below than expected mortality rates this year with actual mortality rates following the trend line tightly, so it is expected that soon (next few years) mortality rates will go above expected; and Norway (bottom right), as 2017-2019 mortality rates hovered slightly above expected, 2019-present hovered below expected. All these predictors go hand-in-hand with the number of people in the at risk category and these countries as well as others do not have a rapidly ageing population. These countries practices little to no precautionary measures and showed no signs of any deadly virus as predicted due to previous years mortality rates and well known trends.

Most countries mortality rates and data from CoVid19 and influenza rates also indicate that the slogan of ‘CoVid-19 (deadly virus) being the biggest threat to the nation (and in some cases the world)’ as indicated on government websites not fully justified and cannot be intelligently argued. The global data concludes CoVid-19 is less dangerous than common yearly coronaviruses. The reasons for the high number of deaths in such a short period of time in most countries which issued totalitarian orders (including UK) are: 1) a good year in 2019-20 showing a large reprieve for those in the at risk category; 2) the delay in reporting removed due to government instructing hospitals to bypass normal procedures created a large spike in deaths over a short period of time; 3) governments inflating and manipulating death reports associated with CoVid-19 (documented); 4) the number of deaths was predictable from well known trends. – But this information was kept from society.

Figure 9


The severity of previous flu seasons does impact how countries perform in subsequent seasons and this is seen during the CoVid-19 crisis. The graph of Figure 10 compares the severity of the last two flu season (including CoVid-19) vs how countries have been hit per 100,000 population with CoVid-19 (which includes influenza (flu) in data collection). As can be seen those countries which had a more severe prior flu season(s) had very low CoVid-19 (which includes flu) impact. Conversely, those countries which had a less severe flu season(s) in previous year(s) tended to have a higher CoVid-19 (which includes influenza (flu) impact). These conclusions are based on predictors (as described in above charts) and mortality rates were expected with previous trends over the years.

In other words, 2019-20 flu (CoVid-19) season was not unusual, was predictable and somewhat expected.  Not what is being presented by politicians or mainstream media. Unfortunately, those who statistically would have died from any of the 150 coronaviruses around at the time did, due to their body tragically being too weak to fight off any additional stress – and governments and it’s medical advisors along with the WHO already predicted which countries would be worst hit by the flu season and those which would not by analysing the trends using similar graphs shown in this document.

Courtesy of David Spiegelhalter

Figure 10


The harsh reality of life is that we are all mortal and it is completely out of order for governments to use those who were simply at the end of their lives to push through pre-planned political and corporate agendas / goals using media campaigns and what is clearly manipulated data to sell a health passport system to societies. The question is: Is CoVid-19 one of the worlds deadliest virus? As shown in this document, the answer is: Only on mainstream media and through government propaganda because the data (once analysed correctly with context to remove government led manipulation and incorrect recording of deaths) and with most countries data showing no signs of any deadly virus (due to not expecting large numbers of deaths this year in their trends), clearly shows it is less dangerous than what we face yearly with other common coronaviruses. This conclusion is consistent Worldwide.

Data does not lie. It can be used to predict the future and identify, using other scientific research, evidence and data, potential corruption in data collection. It can also be used to argue / disprove a hypothesis or narrative; and controlled information can be used for the opposite. It is why those who control the information control the narrative; it is also why data must be analysed in its full context; those in power use controlled information to justify their actions, i.e. 2nd Iraq War. The information presented in the document, using government’s own data. proves that a deadly CoVid-19 pandemic that is a danger to everyone of all ages is completely FALSE. Repeated media messages along with political press conferences presenting the same biased information does not make it real. This whole crisis has been about using a virus to achieve political and corporate agendas, which they knew before they triggered the project aims would need the population to be scared enough to give up fundamental freedoms and rights, for the illusion of safety against an invisible enemy.

What is fundamentally disgusting is using people’s deaths, scaring entire societies using death statistics knowing people had no clue how many people died daily, using psychological manipulation with constant reinforcement of marketing CoVid-19 as a deadly pandemic and a danger to all, testing children and adults using a known flawed test for no justifiable reason and forcing people to follow potentially dangerous instructions (e.g. face-masks, social distancing and quarantines, etc.) other than to artificially bring forth justification for regular vaccines to achieve political and corporate goals, re: RoV project.

The evidence is clear and has been clear for sometime even back in April 2020, children have almost zero risk and normal healthy adults <55 have negligible risks from CoVid-19; and the data proves it. It is why testing children, teenagers and young adults has no justification or makes sense; it has also been proven that asymptomatic people do not infect others. The only reason why governments are testing these age ranges is to create a CASEDEMIC, which is being sold as the 2nd wave (Sept 2020) but is in-fact artificially created by known flawed PCR tests and those potentially dangerous instructions ordered by government. It also means that the lockdown, all the social distancing and wearing of the muzzle (face-mask) was and is for nothing. These things do help the likelihood of bringing in another bad winter season though and adds strength to government’s argument that everyone at any age needs to be vaccinated and everyone requires to be monitored with the digital health passport for our own protection and safety.

Society has been terrorised with manipulated data, a massive media campaign, and forced to follow potentially dangerous instructions which could increase the risk of illness or early death. Governments did this to use people as assets under the guise of keeping them safe from a ‘deadly’ virus that needed governments to work together to interfere with normal processes to sell it as such.

The amount of money currently being made by representatives of big Pharma is on a dramatic increase because of governments purchasing known flawed tests, people being forced to buy muzzles / visors along with supplying the NHS with increased amounts of PPE. On top of this, governments are also giving money to those creating track & trace technology and the health passports. Already, we are seeing financial relationships between those responsible for the continued lockdown measure and track&trace technology, the vaccine alliance and other CoVid supply chains, ie. shares in companies government has awarded contract to. However, big Pharma is waiting for the ‘large profit grab – profits never seen before’, which they have been lobbying the UN for decades, as soon as vaccines, which the overwhelming majority have no need for, are rolled out to everyone due to government mandates with the knowledge that they will not be liable for any legal action whatsoever. To top it all off, those directly responsible for this manufactured crisis (the removal of freedoms (lock-downs, quarantines, face-masks, and social distancing)) all knew some countries would be statistically likely to have bad-flu seasons due to mortality rate trends (and which ones would not) and they all have relationships with those who will earn £Multi-billions, possibly £Trillions, from this exploit.

Those UN countries governments who have terrorised and punished it’s citizens to keep the narrative alive have been caught red-handed in corruption and deceit, but, are still doubling-down and using totalitarian legislations to quieten those who are trying to protect and defend freedom. Normal democratic processes which are supposed to take part in a free country (i.e. UK) has all but ceased for anything to do with CoVid-19. The Coronavirus act 2020 was created and other subsequent legislations have been put into law by a few cabinet ministers. The parliamentary democracy has been bypassed for everything to do with CoVid-19 – many countries are now totalitarian states for anything to do with the virus. The biggest concern people should have is they have consciously ruined people’s lives, businesses and actioned unnecessary tests on perfectly healthy children and adults (who are at between zero and negligible risk from CoVid-19 proven by evidence and data) to increase the number of tests and thus artificially increase the number of false positives to keep the illusion of a deadly virus alive during the warm seasons. The have severely damaged our and our children’s future for corporate and political interests. There was only a need to protect those in the ‘at risk’ category; furthermore, as shown in the data, governments have attempted to manipulate the integrity of the data and use mass media campaigns to sell to societies that the virus is a danger to everyone at all ages.


It is clear, the majority are in severe danger not from CoVid-19, but, from the choices being made by cabinet ministers (or equivalent in other countries) by removal of any free choice, freedom and issuing dangerous instructions under the treat of fines; it would appear the ministers will continue until they have completed the RoV project goals. Our free democratic society has never been tested like this before and our freedoms have never been under threat, not even in war time, like they are right now. This alone should make people extremely concerned as to what else they have planned during their term in office.


Data is important and investigating the data will place fear of a deadly virus at ease. Data and evidence along with science are important to ensure government are not abusing their position or power. Unfortunately, people are choosing to be ignorant of data; and ignorant of the various UN projects UN member countries signed up-to ie. RoV project. It is this ignorance which is allowing governments to damage our future, to remove our freedoms and to earn big Pharma £multi-billions from regular vaccines and producing a health passport. It is this ignorance which will increase the risk of mandatory vaccinations and people suffering the side-effects of them including possible infertility.

The real danger will come when flu season begins again and governments know this. All the precautions taken throughout the summer months was completely and totally unnecessary and completely without merit – it was for nothing positive. Children and those who are scared, have being used to drive a CASEDEMIC throughout the summer (warm seasonal) months to justify further restrictions to freedom and the continued use of face-masks and social distancing. The outcome of all of this is to artificially drive CoVid-19 justifications and restrictions; and pave the way to another bad flu season in 2021. This appears to be government(s) aim in those countries which are suffering totalitarian governance throughout this period (UK included).

People in society are giving strength to a ‘self fulfilling prophecy’ and it can only be concluded this is what governments want to justify a health passport and the drastic reduction in freedom that comes with it without any societal unrest. Due to social distancing, the negative effects of face-masks and continuously being worried about being infected with the worlds ‘deadliest’ virus (even though the data says otherwise) people in society are going to be more susceptible to being infected with a severe case of viral and/or bacterial infections when winter weather returns. The actions of 2020 will start a domino effect into the winter of 2020/21 – herd immunity due to quarantine and social distancing in many countries has not taken effect to a large degree like other influenza seasons. This means that majority of people who would normally have small doses of new viruses around (but not have symptoms) thus, helping their immune systems identify and fight off a much larger infection in the following year, have not gone through this process. This will add strength to a real second wave not one which is driven by the CASEDEMIC from PCR tests currently (Sept 2020). It is unlikely government medical advisors are not aware of this well known process, and is why quarantine of perfectly healthy people has never been advised in a pandemic situation. Governments, the WHO, and other global institutions are aware of this with what has occurred in other countries with other epidemics, e.g. H1N1 and swine-flu, etc. All these ‘stakeholders’ are highly influenced by funders who just so happen have a financial stake in the health passport solution. This is why data, evidence and science matters. It is why people should not ignore them in-favour of what is presented by mainstream media or by a few cabinet members in government.

Right now (Sept 2020), society is being led by an authoritarian government (<20 cabinet members) and media to a bad flu season in 2020/21. Many are increasing the risk of suffering illness and many in the at risk category are going to be in real danger – government’s instructions are setting the most vulnerable up for a fall in winter 2020/21. This is all due to not researching the truth presented by media and believing the scaremongering presented by governments. And not saying NO to the restrictions in freedom which are based on little to no justifications – the restrictions did not even make any sense when relating to controlling an alleged deadly pandemic.

It has to be noted that on 19th September 2020, Boris Johnson declared that a 2nd wave might is here in the UK. Well he did promise one as the other UN member state leaders back in June 2020 – it comes of little surprise! Israel was the first to issue a 2nd national quarantine order and other EU countries governments including the UK are making the possibility public. All this is based on PCR test cases, not on an actual viral pandemic which is clearly identifiable from low death figures and lack of proper investigations; I say ‘investigations’ because a CoVid-19 test is unavailable.

Hospitals have been informed to prepare for intake of patients. Hopefully, there will be full traceability between those who are administered into hospital with possible CoVid-19 and those who have been previously tested using whatever chemicals are in the tests including those who have been diagnosed with CoVid-19 previously; more importantly full traceability to those who have had a trail CoVid-19 vaccine or the new winter flu vaccine (which does have a new ingredient). But, it is highly unlikely this will occur.

This CASEDEMIC is just the start of what is probably going to be a rough winter flu season (2020/21) for all who still firmly believe that CoVid-19 is much more dangerous than what we face yearly. I say to these people find out the real killers, e.g. cancer, heart decease, dementia, etc., oh and common yearly corona viruses, which the data has shown are more dangerous than CoVid-19; and then tell yourself is there much to really fear when the data shows otherwise? (obviously, those in the ‘at risk’ category are as much at risk from CoVid-19 as they are from other common corona viruses, as such need to take precautions.) Note: The winter flu vaccine does not protect all, those in the ‘at risk’ category are still very much in danger with or without it.

At least not all countries governments have sold out to corporate interests and terrorised it’s citizens with calls of ‘Spanish flu’ dangers and enforced muzzle wearing and social distancing, nor purposely damaged their countries economy. But, you get what you vote for! Continue to vote on popularity and in the mainstream, you will continue to be on the receiving end of lies, deceit and betrayal.

Data, evidence and science provide facts, fact should drive policy, facts matter. There is a reason why governments ignored facts, data and evidence throughout this manufactured crisis and kept you in the dark about well known trends. It is because of the project aims of the Roadmap on Vaccinations project signed up-to in ‘secret’ years ago and were 2020 and 2021 concentrates on tackling vaccine hesitancy to justify a digital health passport, for authoritarian control of entire societies and Big Pharma profits (which is why governments are targetting all people of all ages for the vaccine and discussing restrictions of movement for those resisting it).

Let’s ask the question again: How does the UN and national governments persuade entire societies that the idea of regular vaccines for everyone of all ages and the severe restrictions in freedoms the health passport would bring, is a good thing for societal health, the economy and for freedom? They would clearly need to create the right conditions to sell it!

If the public knew that the UN was waiting for a ‘trigger’, which they knew would eventually occur using historical data, to justify tackling vaccine hesitancy – would the public be so scared of media scaremongering campaigns or the daily reports of deaths?

Would society accept the possibility of mandatory vaccinations for all and a digital health passport without a marketed ‘deadly’ virus that was presented as the nations, the worlds, greatest threat (because the health passport is what the UN leaders have been planning for over a decade and globalists (with Big Pharma) have been lobbying the UN for over 2 decades at least)?

It is time to wake up before it is too late.

For more details on face-mask science and the real dangers of CoVid-19 clink the link below:


What is the Purpose of Face Masks


  • Government will continue to drive through more flawed tests to increase the CASEDEMIC until 2021 flu season arrives, which will ‘speak for itself’; and continue to increase the punishment for people who are resisting potentially risky instructions that carry with them risks to their own health.

  • Winter 2020/21 will begin another media campaign and further lockdown restrictions to continue the narrative of the world’s deadly virus. People who have worn face-masks for prolonged periods of time will suffer from viral or bacterial infections to add strength for the vaccine and the health passport; some in the ‘at risk’ category will sadly die due to their body being weakened through regular face-mask use and the continued scaremongering via media. (The fact of the face-mask not being effective in many countries will be dismissed as a conspiracy by those in government).

  • The government will use the tests to acquire DNA information from people – the only question will be is for what purpose?

  • Some governments will make the vaccine mandatory others will use the beginnings of the health passport to restrict freedom of people, i.e. if no test or vaccine then not allowed into leisure facilities, cinemas, pubs, or maybe even work and certainly no travel will be allowed.

  • The vaccine will not be for CoVid-19, as a vaccine takes 10-15years to come to market; it will be sold as a coronavirus vaccine.

  • Shortly after the vaccine is mandated an actual CoVid-19 test will be available, which will reduce the number of false positives and thus be presented as the vaccine has successfully reduced the threat level of CoVid-19.

  • Some people will suffer side-effects over time from regular vaccines needed to keep big pharma’s profits high and which will be argued as a necessary sacrifice to keep the overwhelming majority safe.

  • The number of suicides, murders and overdoses will increase as will the number of people suffering severe mental health issues, such as depression. In a few years the number of deaths caused by government legislations during this period will far outnumber any deaths caused by CoVid-19.

  • After a few years, some couples will have an increase struggle with fertility.

  • After a successful Roadmap on Vaccinations project that started in its fullness 2016 (and why CoVid-19 crisis is here), another threat to the nation will occur (probably financial or social) which will require people to sacrifice even more freedom for the feeling of safety and security. The solution of-course will earn corporate businesses even more profits and governments acquiring more power at all our expense. Perhaps, this is what the UN project ‘The Great Reset’ is all about.

  • Based on historic events when a deep recession or depression occurs, another war will happen.


For a PDF version of this page see: covid conclusion.

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