What is the Purpose of Face Masks

The science behind face masks has been ongoing for 60 years.  The overwhelming majority of the research concludes that face-masks or face covering (morevoe muzzles) do not prevent infection from respiratory infections.  The research also concludes they do increase the risk of infections from both viral and bacterial infections, especially if not used properly.

This has always the standing of The World Health Orgainsation (WHO), medical experts, doctors and nurses for many years, until about 4 weeks ago from the date of this post.  The WHO changed it position on a whim, i.e. without any research to justify the change of advice! 
In order to change any medical advice or process there needs to be substantial evidence using research (scientific) based methods, but, it would appear the WHO changed its position based on no new science whatsoever.  Infact, recent research from around the world only confirms what the scientific community knew in the first place – FACE MASKS DO NOT WORK AND WILL INCREASE THE RISK OF INFECTIONS!!!
The link below directs you to one (of many research papers declaring face-masks ineffective and potentially dangerous) from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons which goes through how ineffective wearing any type of mask is in preventing infection from any virus, but, concentrates on CoVid-19. 
The summay of the findings are: face masks/  face covering (or more spectifically muzzles) do not provide any protection whatsoever from respiratory infections such as CoVid19.

Governments have created legislations based on no science, evidence or data.  More specifically, they made up the data to sell fake truths that masks do work, when all the real science says people should not be wearing them.  One of the strategies they have used is to ‘cherry-pick’ data to specifically sell the narrative, i.e. specifically  missing out countries from the data which shows opposite results from that they want to sell the public.

The science is specific: wearing one frequently and for prolonged periods of time will weaken the immune system and make everyone more prone to both bacterial and viral infections.  So why are they ordering, through threats of punishment, people to wear them?

The real answer can be found in the document ‘Making sense of CoVid-19’ on one of our special informative pages on the website.  The vast majority of UN member states have signed up to various UN social engineering projects and one of them includes the ‘Roadmap on Vaccinations’, which begins a new type of governing system for all UN member states. 

The main action is to create a vaccine register to help big Pharma and a digital health passport for monitoring people in society.  In order to do this they have to tackle vaccine hesitancy concurrently with preventing social unrest by mandating dangerous vaccines for all.  And unfortunately, the scheduled timeline for this to occur happens to be this year (2020) and 2021.  So they instigated something called ‘Lock-Step’ produced by the Rockerfella foundation and it’s sponsors – whom just so happen can make £Multi-Billions from this exploit – and it gives governments the excuse to take authoritarian control of western society (and gain some good PR).

So ‘Lock-Step’ has been actioned in which one of its penultimate stages includes making entire societies wear facemasks and social distance to get them used to not having body autonomy and keep people apart, but, also to attempt to make the media scaremongering involving the dangers real – it also makes people feel the need to go along with top-down control in order to stop this new normal continuing.  Continued use and promotion of a known flawed test that is looking for any type of coronavirus (It is a PCR test not a CoVid-19 virus test and is also looking to other common infections that are not remotely dangerous or infectious) also helps achieving this goal; it also extends the fear through the summer period.  (The pattern from previous years indicates that viruses tend to die off in summer, but, for governments to complete the projects they need to keep the fear high so continued media campaigns, face masks and social distancing (both of which are not supported by science) has to be stretched out through the summer until winter comes around again.) 

The added advantage of frequently wearing face-masks is, the wearer’s immune system becomes weakened and compromised.  Thus, when winter (more specifically flu season) comes around again; the odds of more people becoming ill increases.  This enables further media frenzy, strengthened by more political press conferences, and helps to overcome hesitancy for a vaccine that over 99% of people have no need for.  Hence, tackling the problem of vaccine hesitancy, minimising social unrest if vaccines are mandated for everyone and leading to a UN backed health passport without any public resistance! 


The globalists (UN) also needed all countries governments to sell the idea of top-down control to move forward with another UN project titled ‘The Great Reset’, where they are marketting the idea of a new way of governing that will bring equality, diversity and inclusion for all.  The question is has it really worked all the time they have been pushing the ideology into society for the last 40years?  No, so they are pushing ahead with their agenda whilst ignoring serious damage to all societies this path has already caused.  It also means that entire countries are now governed by unelected officials in international organisations including the EU, UN, (and NATO), big corporate businesses and billionaires (Bill Gates the most prominent in this manufactured crisis)!  This should be deeply concerning for all.

The biggest issue is parents are allowing their own children to enter schools to be conditioned into some dystopian new normal.  Children, who are completely safe from this virus which is less dangerous than what we face every year, are wearing muzzles, social distancing and going to be regularily tested.  There is no science anywhere in the entire world which says children are threatened by CoVid19 and no evidence anywhere in the world which determines that they can spread the virus to others.  So why are governments ordering such abuse of children?; and why are parents allowing it to occur?  Most parents who are addicted to mainstream media are scared, some believe they cannot do anything about it, and some just do not care about the impacts to children and society this will bring.  As for governments, we have already said in our manifesto, leaders do not care about us, we are assets to be used for their benefit; so they do not care about the health and wellbeing of children or of society on the whole – they care about themselves and their family ONLY.  This is why they can destroy livelihood, place people in danger and increase life stressors with impunity and without conscious – with societies showing little to no resistance, who is going to stop them? 

Perhaps, if mainstream media showed protests that are happening across the western world, it might enable those who feel trapped and want to do something; but media does not and will not – wouldn’t want the public to get any ideas about fighting for their freedom.  Plus, resisting governments means risking the things we have collected for years, our house, car, job, etc.; the problem is these are at risk anyway by not doing anything to fight for freedom in the face of tyranny.  (If people reflect on the recent news, those who are protesting against government restrictions are severely punished in all UN member countries- authorities use CoVid19 as an excuse; other protestors (i..e BLM) are not, infact the opposite appears to occur.   Politics is at play here, the dangers from the virus appear to be used only when convenient and when people/groups/protestors are against government narratives.)

It would seem at the moment (Sept 2020) people would rather give their freedom, free-will and free though to government in exchange for a false sense of safety and security.  This is really what the face-mask (muzzle), social distancing and expensive media campaigns are really for!  It is to easily identify (via CCTV) those who have freely been subjugated and submitted to government control. 

The question is are people going to gain consciousness of reality in winter 2021 and resist in force, when many in the at risk category will die as a direct result of weakened immune systems from wearing a muzzle, or when many become ill due to the same reason – and when governments will most likely blame non-mask wearers for spreading the virus and probably children for infecting adults.  Of-course, it will be during this period when a new ingredient is added to flu vaccines (this is already confirmed) which will also cause illness but will be ignored jut like all the science has in 2020, just like the concerns raised about 5G technologies. 

It will also be the time when governments will have a PR frenzy about taking regular doses of CoVid-19 vaccine and of-course a digital health passport, which was all planned way back in 2016 – re: UN Roadmap on Vaccinations. (For a brief look into an early media campaign on health passports and what this has to do with social scoring see Health Passport video below)

If you really want to see the dangers of Covid-19 check out the link below which is a very short summary of the findings using real data and evidence.  It will be an eye opener for those of you who are truly scared of this marketed virus / manufactured crisis (there are many studies around the world which have been done all concluding the same thing).  Covid19 was a false flag, and governments appear to have ignored science and pushed ahead with their own political agendas working in conjuction with one another to achieve agreed upon project goals and timelines.

health passport - your path to safety and security?; or societies path to living without freedom or privacy?

The health passport is the final stages of the UN backed project, which started several years ago – ‘Roadmap on Vaccinations’, which is discussed in our CoVid-19 page.  The manufactured crisis of Covid19 was to ensure reactions from society due to scaremongering; and allow governments to take authoritative control to put policies in place to remove bodily autonomy of everyone in society, even children.  This conditioning ensured that people will be more succespitable to adopt a previously planned health passport, which has been under development for some time.  2020/21 period was/is scheduled for governments of member states to tackle the problem of vaccine hesitancy and destabilise society so it will be more pliable for a new dystopian normal under the guise of safety and security. 

Destruction of small and middle size businesses is seen as a necessary sacrifice in safisfying project goals and aims; in addition to sacrificing those in the at risk category by forcing people to partake in unscienfitic practices that has and will lead to further suffering and deaths, especially in winter 2021.  Social distancing and forcing people to wear muzzles begins the change needed so people will accept this new digital health passport.  Sold as being the only way back to a normal way of life, by sacrificing the most important commodities we have – freedom, privacy and free-will.  But, remember what was seen as temporary measure seems to be a perminent fixuture in the new normal – social distancing and crowd control.  These characteristics, especially destruction of whole economies, were foreseen in the Lock-Step scenario produced in 2010 by those directly responsible for lockdown in all but a few UN member countries, who are major funders of the EU, the WHO, UNICEF and more; and those who stand to gain £Multi-billions, possible £Trillions, from mandatory vaccinations, rollout of regular tests, and service contracts for the digital health passports. 

The media campaigns are selling this new passport as for the health and safety benefit of everyone in society (including jobs and the economy) and does not reduce freedom or privacy.  But, as we shall see in the video below any resemblence of freedom, privacy and being self-determinate will be gone.  In replacement, will be people at mercy of automated algorithms and faceless people who will determine what you can do, where you can go and whether you can work.  Government(s), moreover the few globalists, will take control of entire societies by restricting movement of people whenever they feel like it using digital communication technology (5G) to monitor, identify, and score everyone in society. 

Remember, Chinese citizens have already adopted this system in various areas (it is being rolled-out nationally right now) and they have been conditioned to think that a prison style monitoring system for society is a good thing for safety and for societal control.  Seems like the book ‘1984’ did not go far enough with Big Brother style control and punishments of entire societies. 

Remember: They are being permitted to do this by everyone in society who has bought into all the fake news, science and information with respect to CoVId-19.  If the majority do not resist this form of terrorism directed by globalists and our own governments, our future is a future of complete and total lack of freedom and privacy with the health passport and social scoring being the tools used along with brutal policing techniques.  This is not a conspiracy, it is already being trialed and rolled out.

Join the fight and resist this dystopian new normal being forced upon us using scaremongering as the excuse to bring it in.

Asking Police for an investigation into government actions

Protesting does not appear to convince those in charge that what they are doing is fundamentally wrong and unlawful.  For example, 2 million people marched against the illegal (2nd) Iraq War and government still went ahead and invaded numerous countries on false pretences.  Again, like with the manufactured crisis seen recently with CoVid19, media was used to persuade entire societies that war, that murdering 100,000s of innocent men, women and children was to bring freedom to people in those countries.  The reality of control of resources and to ensure the longevity of the petrodollar was dismissed as conspiracies.  Over ten year since and societies globally are still feeling the effects of government(s) actions.  Just like entire societies will feel the effects of government agendas taking priority above sicence, data, evidence, and societal health with the manufactured crisis of CoVid-19.

Protesting about freedom and government wrongdoing does not even attract much coverage from mainstream media unless the police are instructed to use kettling techniques and then carefully edited news coverage is used to turn consumers against those protesting.  It is the same cycle of silencing rightous people, presenting fake news coverage, and ensuring a particular government narrative is the driving force for manipulating entire societies to help government achieve their goals / agendas.

This notwithstanding, we decided to write a letter asking for police investigations into the decision making of cabinet members in government with respect to CoVid-19 (remember legislations are being made by <20 people with impunity due to the call of ‘state of emergency’).  The letter can be viewed by selecting the image below.  We explain in the letter that science, data and evidence in all countries in europe are in direct contradiction to government narratives.  That there was no justification for ‘lockdown’ or quarantining millions of perfectly healthy people who are at no risk from the virus.  That the test are known to be flawed and will produce false positive results as the test is not a CoVid19 test, it is a PCR test.  Moreover, enforeable legislations is making people follow hazardous instructions that will have negative implications to their own health; the face mask policy has zero basis in science.  We also mentioned about UN projects which are being managed relating to producing a health passport, including the task of tackling vaccine hesitancy in 2020/21.

We thought, considering police investigate any individual based on any complaint whatsoever, that a department in the police service would take a letter describing how governments, in collusion with international institutions and big pharma (i.e. the vaccine alliance), are holding society hostage and spreading unjustified fear to make people compliant; it might be worth investigating the legitimacy of those in cabinet, i.e. have their decision making been compromised and now working against societal health for business and political goals? 

They flat out refused to investigate the claims; they would rather arrest Piers Corbyn and charge innocent people £10000 for enjoying freedom!  The only conclusion to be drawn is our police force no longer represent, defend or protect freedom or the public; they merely follow legislations no matter the ethics, morales involved nor whether the legislations are lawful.  Our party will fundamentally change this as this is a very dangerous context to have in a free democratic society – the police must work for the public, not for government to avoid authoritarian control of societies.

To read the data regarding how governments have misled society into the dangers of CoVid-19 and how the coronavirus tests are being used to drive the illusion that CoVid-19 is still a threat all the way into the summer months click the link below:


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